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Hi guys, I'm Chris from the UK and I'm a TV poker addict! I run this channel alone and spend HOURS every day researching and editing, for 3 main goals:

1) To share classic poker shows and keep the history of TV poker alive.
2) To introduce new players to the game and hopefully re-ignite poker's popularity.
3) As a showcase of my knowledge of the game and Youtube to maybe, one day, work for on of my favourite channels.

If you would like to collaborate or for me to remove anything please email me and I will reply instantly.

I am also looking for the following shows to complete my collection:

Championship Poker at the Plaza 2004
Full Tilt Poker Championship at Red Rock
2009 English Poker Open
Any UK show e.g. Late Night Poker, European Open, World Open, Big Game etc..

Email me: 1tripz1@gmail.com


00:00 Hellmuth OWNED by geeky kid with 74!!
581K+ views | Dec 18, 2017