1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration

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1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration
1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration thumb 1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration thumb 1930s German Spiral Jack - Perfect Restoration thumb


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1930s German Spiral Jack Restoration - Bilstein 2500kg.

In this video i'm restoring a very old, super rusty and dirty german spiral jack. It's a Bilstein from the 1930s, it can lift 2500kg.

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I found this spiral jack which needed a restoration desperately. It was super rusty at the bottom and very dirty in general, the top part was bend, but it was still working.
So i started with disassembling, what turned out to be very tricky. I was struggeling quiet a bit to get the gear wheel of the shaft because it was locked on it with two pin connections. They were both blind, so i couldn't just hammer the pin out, i had to drill them out. I didn't drill exactly in line with the pins, that's why i needed to drill several times and the holes were not round anymore.
The top piece was forged on the shaft, so i first removed the holding material with my air die grinder. Then i was able to hammer it of the shaft.
I removed the rivet heads on the bottom with my angle grinder.
Once i had everything in pieces, i started to wash them.
Some pieces i cleaned with sandblasting. I grinded two small pieces clean with the belt grinder, to remove rust and old paint. Same with the square head of the shaft, i welded the holes in it and made it all round and smooth again with the grinding wheel, file and scotch brite. I made the same with the gear wheel, but first i needed to remove the old pins and drill them out. After that i welded the holes, smoothed the welding with the file, cleaned the inside with reaming and cleaned it all with the steel brush.
To restore the top end connection i first bend the big piece, made the back flat on the mill and then turned a new section which i will later press on the shaft. I also turned the the shaft on the lath, made the same section on it and cleaned the front side. I hammered the disc flat with the hammer and turned the same diameter on the inside. Once i had that, i was able to put them all together, line all 3 pieces up with the old hole and drill that one up again on the mill for a new pin connection. I forged that top end back, so that all pieces hold tight together without slack. I drilled out the old rivets from the bottom.
Now it was time to paint. As the paint manual says, i cleaned the parts with water, but as soon as it was dry it started to rust again. That's why i covered the inside of it with grease. I painted all pieces twice with 5 hours in between.
When thge paint was dry, i started to assemble. First i put the cover over the spiral, screwed the gear wheel on it and locked the thread again with a weld. Next up i pressed in the square shaft in the other gear wheel. I drilled one hole for the pin connection, hammered the pin in and then i repeat that for the second pin. After i placed the bearing i put the spiral back in the case and i mounted the cover with the restored 3 screws. I put the piece with the spring in the hole of the back, put the little painted cover piece in and fixed it with another pin. As the last step i mounted the bottom cover with two rivets, unfortunately i forgot the press record on my camera, so there's no footage of that.
And last but not least i painted the text white, so it stand out very nice.
It was a tricky restoration with a lot of machining.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)

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