1918 Aircraft Rivet Hammer - Restoration

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1918 Aircraft Rivet Hammer - Restoration
1918 Aircraft Rivet Hammer - Restoration thumb 1918 Aircraft Rivet Hammer - Restoration thumb 1918 Aircraft Rivet Hammer - Restoration thumb


  • 修复铆钉枪
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  • 让我们来检查一下,看它是否还能正常使用
  • 开关卡住了
  • 先从拆卸开始
  • 这是一个皮带扳手
  • 我用磁铁将这个零件取出来
  • 这个开关是用螺纹轴固定
  • 我开始用零件清洗机来清洗零件
  • MC-51 除锈剂
  • 将零件浸泡三小时
  • 用Scotch Brite清洁布擦拭
  • 效果不错
  • MC-51将所有的铁锈都清除掉了
  • 让我们开始修复这个部分
  • 这里的状态太糟糕了
  • 我会把这部分进行焊接
  • 用锉刀将表面磨平
  • 继续用砂纸打磨(120/240)
  • 一切就绪,开始焊接
  • 哈哈哈我很擅长焊接的~~~
  • 好了,现在已经填补上了这些坑以及所有的严重划痕
  • 将孔扩宽至最终的尺寸
  • 用钢丝刷清洁所有的孔
  • 用小工具灵活打磨
  • 我也使用了400粒度的砂纸进行打磨
  • 不幸的是,小孔依然存在在表面
  • 这里有许多细小的孔
  • 我没有办法去处理掉
  • 自制小型纯棉抛光布轮
  • 不幸的是,焊接造成的斑点依旧清晰可见
  • 对于这部分的处理结果,我一点都不开心
  • 为开关做一个新的触发器
  • 先用120粒度的砂纸进行打磨
  • 接下来用240粒度和400粒度的砂纸
  • 原始的空气组件看起来特别丑
  • 让我来做个新的
  • 密封住!
  • 车缧纹
  • 我会为接下来这些零件进行喷砂操作
  • 我只清理需要封住的部分
  • 好了,可以开始密封了!
  • 喷砂时间到!
  • 结果并不如我所愿,在除锈过程中造成的斑点依旧可见
  • 我还是需要给他们进行打磨
  • 是时候将他们变为黑色啦!
  • Ballistol牌除油剂喷雾
  • Birchwood Casey金属发黑剂
  • 我过了会儿才反应过来,如果用擦拭来代替浸泡,染黑效果会更好
  • 用冷水清洗
  • 在零件表面涂满油,晾12个小时
  • 一切就绪,开始组装
  • Motorex INTACT MX 50 防锈喷雾
  • 我把它当润滑剂使用
  • 我忘了录制用扳手把这部分拧紧的片段了
  • 我用特氟龙胶带来密封螺纹
  • Dala~完成!
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  • 开始测试!
  • 拧这颗螺丝就可以调整强度
  • 用铆钉枪进行旋压操作
  • 我没有任何的铆钉枪,但这个也能帮我操作
  • 谢谢观看!
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In this video i'm restoring an aircraft rivet hammer.

This pneumatic rivet hammer was sent to me by one of my subscribers from germany, thank you for that. It's a very cool and unique looking tool, I've never seen this tool before and that's why I decided to restore it and make a video for you guys. I was told that this tool was stored in the basement when they had a flooding, that was probaly the reason why it was rusty and didn't work anymore. I had a few ups and downs during this restoration. The cast of the aluminium handle was very porous and a lot of tiny holes appeared after fine sanding and polishing, also the welding didn't work quite well. I first tried to TIG weld, but that didn't work at all. For the visible steel parts I decided to make them black, for the optic and also as rust protection. My idea was to sandblast those parts to make a nice and even finish, but because I'm using very fine glas bead all the small damages in the surface from the rust were still visible. So I had to sand them all away. The bluing worked very well and it makes a nice contrast to the polished parts in my oppinion. The old air fitting was put together out of three different pieces made of brass to get the right thread size. I didn't really liked that option and decided to make a new one. I really wasn't pleased during the restoration just because of the porous cast of the handle and I thought about it for a long time to not even publish the video because of that. But as soon as I tested it after the restoration I had a huge smile all over my face, this is a very cool tool and it ended up working perfectly fine. I hope you don't judge me to hard for my very bad welding abilities and the bad outcome of the aluminium handle.

I hope you like my work and the video.

Huge thank you to all of my Patreon and PayPal supporters and specially to:

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# preview
# pre-testing
# disassembling
# showing all the parts
# cleaning the parts with the parts washer
# removing rust with MC-51 rust remover
# restoring the aluminium handle
# making a new pin for the trigger on the lathe
# restoring the front piece (hammer head)
# restoring the adjustment screw
# making a new air fitting on the lathe and mill
# roughly cleaning all parts for sandblasting
# masking for sandblasting
# sandblasting the visible steel parts
# sanding the sandblasted parts
# restoring the small pin
# bluing the visible steel parts
# cleaning the mechanical parts
# showing all the parts before reassembling
# reassembling
# showing the finished product
# final testing

Time and costs of this restoration:

I was working on this project over 2,5 weeks
$30 flex hone
$10 steel wire brushes
$20 dinner for my friend who helped me welding :-)

My camera:
Panasonic HC-V180

If you have any questions about the process, machines i'm using or other stuff, just ask me in the comments. I read them all and i try to reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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Thank you for watching :-)


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