18 Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs

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13:15   |   Mar 12, 2016


18 Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs
18 Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs thumb 18 Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs thumb 18 Celebs Fangirling Over Other Celebs thumb


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You would think that celebrities NEVER fan girl over their peers because they can pretty much see each other whenever they want, but nope! Believe it or not, celebrities fangirl over other celebs almost all the time because, well, they’re just like us. Get ready for all the fan girling in the world because here are 18 celebs who have freaked out over their equally famous peers right here on Listed.

1. Anna Kendrick over Beyonce
2. Lorde over Hilary Duff
3. Taylor Swift over Hilary Duff
4. Mark Ruffalo over Paul Rudd
5. Adele over Beyonce & Jay Z
6. Adele over Rihanna
7. Britney Spears over Adele
8. Emma Stone over Mel B & Mel C
9. Jennifer Lawrence over Jeff Bridges
10. Fifth Harmony over One Direction
11. Anne Hathaway over Mariah Carey
12. Kate Hudson over Adele
13. Ariana Grande over Jim Carrey
14. Kerry Washington over Selena Gomez
15. Selena Gomez over Jennifer Aniston
16. 5SOS over One Direction & Niall
17. Demi over Kelly Clarkson
18. Jenna Dewan Tatum over Justin Bieber

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