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  • - If you're anything like us,
  • you love to be out on the water in the summer.
  • If that's the case, you'll want to find some excellent
  • water craft, or toys,
  • so you can have lots of fun out on the water.
  • We looked around and found some good ones for you.
  • I'm Glen, and today we are bringing you
  • 15 versatile water craft and mobile water craft transports.
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  • - Thank you for watching Minds Eye Design.
  • - Number 15
  • - The Electrojet by Narke is a 60 horsepower, electric,
  • sit-down jet ski, capable of doing
  • 35 miles per hour in near silence.
  • The Electrojet was launched at Europe's' luxury event,
  • The Masteries of Luxury,
  • held in Amsterdam in December of 2018.
  • This jet ski seats two to three people,
  • and comes with a new generation smart display
  • with personalization features, a 45 kilowatt electric motor,
  • and a lithium ion battery pack.
  • The Electrojet rides for up to
  • 45 minutes on a single charge,
  • and is available for pre-order near the end of April, 2019.
  • - Number 14
  • - The Cygnet Amphibious Trike is a weight shift trike
  • that can be set up in as little as 20 minutes.
  • The ability to take off from land and water
  • gives this more flexibility when departing on a trip.
  • A four point 2 hour per gallon fuel burn,
  • and low maintenance let you cruise for four hours
  • at 50 miles per hour.
  • Nothing compares to the rush of flying an Amphibious Trike
  • over clear blue water and sandy beaches.
  • - Number 13
  • - Manufactured by Sublue,
  • the Seabow is an underwater scooter
  • that is following up on the White Shark Mix,
  • their first underwater scooter
  • that crowdfunded a couple of years ago.
  • The Seabow has more power and longer battery life
  • than the Mix, and runs for up to 45 minutes,
  • compared to 30 minutes on the previous model.
  • Other features include duel Go-Pro compatible camera mounts,
  • a single hand control system,
  • the ability to adjust buoyancy, and an OLED display screen
  • that displays data, such as speed, and battery life.
  • - Number 12
  • - Invented by Archie O'Brien,
  • a Loughborough University student,
  • the Cuda is a 3-D printed, underwater jet-pack.
  • Sounds much safer than a jet-pack that flies into the air,
  • doesn't it?
  • Built to be an affordable alternative
  • to underwater jet skis,
  • the Cuda, worn as a backpack, allows the user to glide
  • through the water much faster than with fins alone.
  • Being printed with fused deposition modeling technology,
  • and polylactic acid means the components
  • are relatively cheap to make.
  • The underwater jet-pack is in the
  • second stage of prototyping,
  • and is expected to be available in the summer of 2019.
  • - Number 11
  • - The Hydrofoiler XE1 by Manta5 is an electric bike
  • that rides on the water.
  • First unveiled last year,
  • this can be assembled in two minutes,
  • and is made of an aluminum frame with
  • carbon fiber hydrofoils, and a propeller.
  • You have the freedom to ride on rivers, lakes, or the ocean,
  • at up to 13 miles per hour, for up to an hour at a time
  • on a single charge.
  • Featuring three electric assist modes, including training,
  • cruise, and performance,
  • the E-bike will let you raise yourself out of the water
  • by peddling with assistance from the electric motor.
  • Slated for delivery in 2019,
  • presale reservations are now available for the Manta5.
  • - Number 10
  • - The Super Falcon 3S is the newest submarine in the
  • Deep Flight Fleet,
  • and is designed to hold two passengers and a pilot.
  • Unprecedented speed, range,
  • and efficient electric power train,
  • and state of the art technology,
  • gives the Falcon 3S freedom to explore the seas,
  • while a form-fitting cockpit lets guests sit comfortably,
  • enjoying a 360 degree view of the ocean around them.
  • - Number nine
  • - The Nine Meter Hydrasol RIB is
  • the most prominent amphibious RIB that Sealegs has produced.
  • A large platform provides plenty of space along the tubes
  • and in front of the consol, along with removable,
  • behind crew seating.
  • Single handed operation gives you
  • the freedom to launch the boat yourself,
  • or take the whole family and go on a excursion
  • with surfboards, or paddleboard that fit under the tubes
  • along the deck.
  • This boat will drive on land, giving you easy access
  • without getting wet or backing up trailers,
  • or winching or parking.
  • And you can even drive out right out of the water,
  • and onto any beach.
  • - Number eight
  • - The Ravik is a silent electric surfboard
  • developed by Awake, and can do 35 miles per hour
  • on a flat water surface.
  • Superior acceleration, fast straights, and sharp corners,
  • give riders an unparalleled riding experience.
  • Developed with the principles of power, speed,
  • and precision, the Awake delivers up to 40 minutes
  • of riding time with a lithium ion battery pack.
  • The mobile application allows customizable power output,
  • and informs the user of estimated riding time,
  • and battery life.
  • - Number seven
  • - Initially unveiled in 2013,
  • the Jet Capsule has now released the Royal version 001,
  • a faster, bigger, and more luxurious motorboat.
  • The watercraft has an increased length,
  • and a faster speed, going from 38 knots on the first model,
  • to 62 knots on the Royal version.
  • The newer Royal model has a higher price tag
  • than it's predecessor at about 285,000 dollars.
  • - Number six
  • - Manufactured by Sea-Doo the Fish Pro is made for fishing.
  • Experience fishing like never before,
  • with the extended platform that adds
  • 11 and a half inches to the watercraft,
  • giving you more space and stability in rough water.
  • A first of it's kind,
  • the Fish-Pro comes with four rod holders,
  • trolling slots, bait and tackle storage,
  • a quick latch system,
  • and a cooler with a recessed work surface.
  • Increased lateral stability combined with angled footrests,
  • let you fish facing sideways.
  • And you can quickly move from the driver position
  • to the passenger position.
  • The Nautboard is a towable underwater board
  • that lets you dive underwater
  • with up and down movements to propel yourself.
  • You can be towed with any watercraft using a towing rope
  • between 30 and 100 feet long.
  • Made of unbreakable polypropylene,
  • allowing it to float in water,
  • the Nautboard is towable at speeds
  • between two and five knots.
  • A snorkel and fins are optional while using this board,
  • but a dive mask is required.
  • - Number five
  • - The Audi E-Tron is an electric hydrofoil
  • with jet propulsion developed
  • by engineers Franz Hofmann and Christian Rossler.
  • The jet drive is made of aluminum for cooling,
  • and the board is made of carbon fiber
  • to keep down the weight.
  • The unique design allows riders to fly above the water
  • at speeds up to 27 miles per hour.
  • With the six kilowatt jet propulsion drive
  • integrated into the fuselage.
  • Audi is planning a limited beta version in 2019,
  • with a higher production run in 2020.
  • - Number four
  • - Designed by Seamagine Hydrospace Corporation,
  • the Aurora-6 Submarine offers an excellent underwater
  • field of view and a spacious environment for
  • up to five passengers and a pilot.
  • For a better view,
  • the guest lounge has room for three people
  • and swivel seats so the occupants
  • can have a look out both sides of the submarine.
  • - Number three
  • - If you like to fly and be on the water,
  • then you need a seaplane.
  • And one of the best around is the
  • Seamax Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft.
  • The Brazilian company redesigned the cockpit
  • for their 2019 lineup.
  • The performance is all analog.
  • The Seamax looks small and compact,
  • but is sportier and faster than other seaplanes.
  • They are now offering the fuel injected nine 12 IS engine
  • that is available in America in May.
  • - Number two
  • - Designer Maxim Zhivov and the Baikal Yacht Group
  • came up with the idea of Hydro House,
  • a combination of a wharf for boats, a garage,
  • a houseboat, and water parking for a hydroplane.
  • This houseboat, made of prefabricated modules,
  • comes with a master bedroom, a kitchen, a living room,
  • two guest bedrooms, a bathroom, and a garage.
  • Equipped with two electric engines, and solar panels,
  • this can also be used as a wharf for boats.
  • On the second floor, there's room for sunbathing,
  • or storage for your water toys.
  • - Number one
  • - The Redshark Trimaran is a peddle driven trimaran
  • invented by Josep Rubau.
  • There are three versions, the Fun, the Adventure,
  • and the High Performance Sport.
  • The Fun and Adventure are both made of polyethylene
  • with the Adventure having a trunk and frame mounted packs.
  • The Sport is constructed of mostly lightweight carbon fiber
  • and built for speed.
  • All three models feature a saltwater proof driveshaft,
  • stainless steel nuts and bolts,
  • a folding design for transport, and a retractable rudder.
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  • - Hi everyone, and thanks for watching.
  • I'm Chandni with Mind's Eye Design.
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  • so please leave some comments below,
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If you are anything like us you love to be out on the water in the summer. If that is the case, you will want to find some excellent watercraft. We looked around and found some good ones for you. Here is our list of 15 Versatile Watercraft and Personal Watercraft Transports.

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Featured Watercraft ⭐
15. Electrojet by Narke
14. CYGNET Amphibious Trike
13. Sublue Seabow
12. Cuda Underwater Jetpack
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11. Manta5 Hydrofoil e-Bike
10. Super Falcon 3S
$1.8 Million
9. Sealegs 9m Hydrasol RIB
8. Ravik Electric Surfboard
7. Jet Capsule “Royal 001”
6. Sea-Doo Fish Pro
5. Audi e-Tron Hydrofoil
4. Aurora-6 Submarine
$5 million
3. SeaMax Amphibious Aircraft
2. HydroHouse Houseboat
1. RedShark Trimaran

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