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  • - [Reacher] The everyday camping trip
  • can get a little crazy by itself,
  • so why not take that excursion
  • in something a little more fitting than your average RV?
  • This is Reacher
  • and today we're bringing you 15 crazy campers
  • we're sure you'd love to try.
  • - [Woman] Number 15.
  • - [Reacher] This first entry made its debut
  • at the 1972 Tokyo Motor Show.
  • The Toyota RV-2 is a wagon-style concept
  • that has a pair of clamshell doors
  • forming the rear section of the vehicle.
  • These doors opened out to create a space
  • that could then be covered
  • by stretching a tent between them.
  • The space provided enough room to sleep two people
  • while the front seats could fold down flat,
  • providing accommodations to sleep two more.
  • The rear tailgate could also fold down
  • to provide room for extra seating.
  • Although a fully working prototype was tested
  • and somewhat well received by the general public,
  • the RV-2 never saw production.
  • - [Woman] Number 14.
  • - [Reacher] First hitting the road in 1963,
  • the Mini Wildgoose was a BMC Minivan
  • that had been converted into a motorhome.
  • It was marketed toward retirees
  • who wanted a comfortable and economical carefree life.
  • The model brand had a telescopic roof
  • that raised electrically,
  • providing just under six feet of head room.
  • Features included a portable gas stove, dinette seating,
  • and room to sleep four people.
  • The Wildgoose was only in production for five years
  • with approximately 60 units being built,
  • leaving fewer than a dozen that are currently road worthy.
  • The original price for a full rig
  • was the equivalent of just over $26,000 in today's money.
  • - [Woman] Number 13.
  • - [Reacher] Built on the extended chassis
  • of an old Army firetruck, this behemoth,
  • aptly named Whatthehellisthat,
  • sits in at 13-feet high and 34 feet in length.
  • The bedroom is housed in the front of the trailer,
  • containing rail-mounted twin beds.
  • This area also has a pop-up roof for increased head room.
  • Opposite that at the other end is the living room,
  • which is fully surrounded by large windows
  • providing an uninterrupted view of the surroundings.
  • Off of this is a covered deck area
  • providing even more space for relaxation.
  • In between is the kitchen area
  • which has all of the necessary features
  • including a microwave, fridge, and stove.
  • The full-size bathing facilities
  • are accessed via swing-out wall panels,
  • allowing them to be hidden when not in use.
  • Extra storage space is found in the floor areas
  • along with external bays,
  • including one that can house two full-size motorbikes.
  • All told, the off-road capabilities of this one
  • allow it to stay out in the wild
  • for anywhere from one to three months.
  • - [Woman] Number 12.
  • - [Reacher] These elaborate trailers
  • produced by International Harvester
  • were used extensively by Italian explorer Attilio Gatti
  • during his final two expeditions to Africa.
  • A total of eight trailers were used,
  • with each one measuring 44 feet in length
  • and weighing nine tons.
  • Once on site, two of them could be joined together
  • to create a five-room living space
  • that had both electricity and air conditioning.
  • Features included two full-size bedrooms,
  • and a bathroom with a full-length tub.
  • As well as an office containing a personal bar.
  • Although they weren't the easiest to navigate
  • in the rough terrain, they made up for it in comfort,
  • costing a cool $15,000 each.
  • - [Woman] Number 11.
  • - [Reacher] This one came from the minds of a Florida couple
  • who decided they were going to take some time off to travel.
  • It's built on the chassis of a 1994 Ford F7 Crew Cab
  • with the box from an ambulance,
  • along with the fuselage of Cessna 310.
  • And it's an eclectic mix to say the least.
  • Inside you'll find a full kitchen
  • with a refrigerator, sink, and oven.
  • Next to that is an L-shaped bench with a swinging table.
  • The bedroom is housed in the airplane above the cab area.
  • All the energy needs are provided
  • by four 145 watt solar panels and a battery array.
  • After it was all done, the owner estimated
  • having spent about $60,000 building the vehicle.
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  • - [Woman] Number 10.
  • - [Reacher] This one from Karacan
  • is simply named the Transform Camper.
  • Built on a Suzuki Carry chassis,
  • the box expands to create a space
  • that is roughly 76 square feet
  • with a height of nine and half feet.
  • This is done by first manually cranking up the roof
  • and then pulling the sliding portion out.
  • The interior houses bench seating
  • with a wall-attached fold-down table,
  • a small countertop with a sink, and a mini fridge.
  • There's room to sleep up to four people
  • using the roof-mounted fold-down bed,
  • and by modifying the benches to a bed as well.
  • - [Woman] Number nine.
  • - [Reacher] This combination of an REO Tractor
  • and Curtiss Aerocar was commissioned in 1938
  • and nicknamed the Vagabond by its owner.
  • Measuring 50 feet in length,
  • the whole thing weighs in around 13,000 pounds.
  • Outfitted for use as a traveling office,
  • the trailer included a kitchen and restroom,
  • seating for eight people, and an observation deck
  • with an intercom connected to the cab.
  • It went on the auction block in December of 2017,
  • selling for just under $137,000.
  • - [Woman] Number eight.
  • - [Reacher] The creator of this one
  • said he always wanted to build his own rolling home,
  • so with a bit of ingenuity he created the Hippie Shack.
  • Housed on an old Toyota and built from recycled bamboo,
  • redwood, and foam insulation,
  • it's now used as a mobile ski chalet.
  • The side entrance opens to a 98-square-foot interior,
  • housing an L-shaped seating area, which doubles as a bed,
  • a small stove and oven, an icebox, and sink.
  • There's also a wood-burning stove for heating
  • and a skylight that opens to help cool it down.
  • The whole thing weighs around 1,350 pounds
  • with an estimated building cost between 1,000 and $2,000.
  • - [Woman] Number seven.
  • - [Reacher] If the idea of toting your home around
  • in your van and unpacking it when needed appeals to you,
  • then the ioCamper is probably what you're looking for.
  • The standard model measures just over eight-feet long
  • and four-feet wide, with the height of five and half feet,
  • allowing it to fit in the cargo area of most existing vans.
  • Expanding the unit is done using an app
  • on your mobile device.
  • It expands to four times its original size,
  • creating a space that includes a bedroom, two living areas,
  • a kitchen, and a bathroom.
  • The camper can be used both as a stand alone unit
  • or as a motorhome,
  • providing room to sleep up to four people.
  • The company has a projected production date of 2019
  • with no available information on pricing.
  • - [Woman] Number six.
  • - [Reacher] This next entry by XPCamper is the V2-Compact.
  • It offers the same hard-sided pop-up design and construction
  • of the V1 just in a smaller form.
  • The upper shell of the camper raises
  • to create a standing area just under eight-feet high.
  • The rear door opens to an interior
  • that has a dinette area with seating for two on the left
  • while across from that is a kitchenette
  • that includes a duel-induction cooktop,
  • sink, and a mini refrigerator.
  • There are also three 100-watt roof-mounted solar panels
  • to provide power.
  • Sleeping accommodations are provided by a double bed
  • and by modifying the bench seating.
  • Current pricing on this one, before options,
  • will run you just under $50,000.
  • - [Woman] Number five.
  • - [Reacher] Originally manufactured
  • by Holiday House Geographic in 1961,
  • this Model X is only one of two known to exist.
  • The factory burned down in 1962
  • with parts for only seven units having been made.
  • The existing molds were discarded soon after,
  • guaranteeing the collectability
  • of this super-limited production.
  • This restore maintains the beauty and design elements
  • of the original while still being equipped
  • like a modern luxury travel trailer.
  • It features a large lounge area
  • with an L-shaped couch and loveseat
  • that both modify to sleep up to four people.
  • The kitchenette includes a stainless steel countertop
  • with a dual-burner cooktop, a two-door fridge,
  • and a sink with a built-in draining board.
  • The front of the trailer houses the dressing room
  • and bathroom which contains a foot-flush toilet
  • along with a hardwood floored shower area.
  • The price when it was manufactured ran around $8,500.
  • It was fully restored by Oregon-based Flyte Camp
  • from the frame up.
  • The current list price for this one is $250,000.
  • - [Woman] Number four.
  • - [Reacher] Before I get started on this one,
  • I want to point out that not all of these photos
  • are indicative of what the vehicle looked like new.
  • Some are from a model that has been stripped down
  • and needs restoration.
  • But the gist of what it had to offer should be clear.
  • Built by Uxton Coach Craft Limited
  • this entry combined an 850 CC Mini, a camper, and a rowboat.
  • Once you were parked,
  • the camper can be extended toward the rear via a hand crank.
  • This increased the length to almost 15 feet,
  • providing enough room to accommodate four people.
  • The interior housed a dual-burner cooker,
  • a sink, and a fold-up table.
  • The roof of the van had a storage box on top of it
  • with a small rowboat
  • that could be attached to it upside down.
  • As of 2007 only one model is known to exist.
  • - [Woman] Number three.
  • - [Reacher] We've featured a few of Randy Grubb's creations
  • in the past, and we've never been disappointed
  • with his work.
  • This one, named the Decoliner, is no exception.
  • It incorporates a hand-formed framework
  • onto a 1973 GM Motorhome cab and chassis
  • with an overall length of 26 feet.
  • Riveted aluminum panels form the outer shell
  • giving the vehicle an industrial retro look.
  • The interior features couches behind the cab and in the rear
  • which convert to beds and a small countertop
  • with a Deep Well cooler.
  • Outside is an arching stairway leading up from the rear
  • to a flying bridge that offers bench seating
  • for up to five people.
  • The Decoliner can also be driven from up top
  • using a steering shaft
  • that comes through the roof of the cab
  • to connect to the lower steering column.
  • Grubb sold the vehicle to a private buyer in 2013
  • for an undisclosed sum.
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  • - [Woman] Number two.
  • - [Reacher] This amalgam of all things camping
  • was created by Ford during an era when road trips,
  • camping, and most things car related
  • were the happening trends.
  • At first glance, it looks like just a station wagon
  • with a boat on top, but one push of a button
  • on the handy remote brings it all to life.
  • The rowboat on the roof flips out and over
  • to reveal a pop-up tent underneath,
  • while a small fan-shaped awning extends over the tailgate
  • when it's lowered.
  • A small kitchen-type thingy raises out of the rear decking
  • containing a dual-burner cooker, sink, and cooler.
  • Just like most vehicle-related fads,
  • the camper car became a thing of a bygone era.
  • (rhythmic electronic music)
  • Be sure and let us know after the video
  • which of these crazy vehicles
  • you'd prefer to rest your head in.
  • Heck, you can even tell us about your craziest camping trip.
  • Just be sure to change the names of the players
  • to protect the so-called innocent.
  • - [Woman] Number one.
  • - [Reacher] This amazing piece of artwork
  • comes from Indonesian-based Yudi Yumos
  • whose owner has a name I'll butcher
  • if I try to pronounce it.
  • And I'm pretty sure
  • there are more than a few hipsters in a state of shock
  • because the designer modified an existing VW Van
  • to create this masterpiece,
  • but it was originally wrecked, so get over it.
  • The side entrance opens to a layout
  • featuring a small kitchen area with a single-burner cooker,
  • a Deep Well stainless steel sink, a convection oven,
  • and a mini fridge made to resemble the front of the van.
  • A large bench offers extra seating
  • in addition to the captain's chairs in the cab area.
  • This bench can also lay down flat
  • to connect and enlarge the sleeping area
  • located directly behind it.
  • The roof has been modified to increase the standing room,
  • as well as having a pop-up roof mounted on this,
  • while additional sleeping accommodations can be found
  • above the cab area.
  • Everything about this vehicle implies a skillset
  • that I cannot even begin to put into words,
  • so I'm just gonna be quiet and show a few more photos
  • while you hum the Jeopardy theme in your head.
  • (rhythmic electronic music)
  • - Hey, guys, this is Cassie.
  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
  • Tell us in the comments below
  • what you found to be the most interesting and why.
  • Also, if you haven't done so yet,
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  • Thank you for watching.
  • I'll see you guys next time.
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The everyday camping trip can get a little crazy by itself so why not take that excursion in something a little more fitting than your average RV? Here is our list of 15 crazy campers we're sure you'd love to try.

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