14 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Try

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Feb 25, 2019


14 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Try
14 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Try thumb 14 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Try thumb 14 Nail Hacks Every Girl Should Try thumb


  • Unicorn nail art, tricks for neat French tips,
  • and other creative ideas for your manicure!
  • Learn simple nail hacks in our new video!
  • Welcome to our nail bar! Lillian owns this salon.
  • She’s a professional when it comes to amazing and bright manicures!
  • Here’s our first visitor. Angie is a very famous Instagram influencer!
  • She needs the most beautiful and most expensive manicure right now!
  • Because 3 billion people keep up with her nails!
  • Lillian accepts the challenge! For starters, let’s remove your old manicure!
  • Angie is a social media star, so her nails are shining too!
  • Except that getting rid of glitter is not easy!
  • Angie can’t have cotton on her nails! Get rid of it right now!
  • Lillian quickly uses a foil hack!
  • Dampen a piece of a cotton pad with nail polish remover.
  • Put it onto your nail. And wrap it in foil for a minute.
  • Then take off the foil along with the nail polish.
  • And your nails are squeaky clean!
  • There we go, Angie is happy! This hack is going right on her livestream!
  • Lillian is attaching press-on nails for her cranky client.
  • And she takes a paintbrush for some reason.
  • Does she want to paint my whole hand? Not at all!
  • Let’s make a thin brush for little details!
  • Cut off the bristles around a regular brush.
  • Trim the edges at an angle to make the tip sharper.
  • Paint a cherry on a nail with your new thin brush.
  • Angie is excited! Well, master, amaze me with your nail art!
  • The manicure is all done! Angie loves it! There are unicorns on her nails!
  • File sharp press on nails. Make them oval.
  • Attach the nail to a plastic finger model.
  • Apply blots of nail polish of rainbow colors to a sponge.
  • Make an imprint on the nail. Decorate it with stars.
  • And secure it with clear nail polish.
  • Color the next nail light brown.
  • Paint a white unicorn head.
  • Add black eyes and lashes using a thin brush.
  • Make an imprint with pink polish on a Q-tip of blushing cheeks and bangs.
  • Add details. Use gold glitter polish for a unicorn horn.
  • Define the grooves with black.
  • Attach a tip of a mechanical pencil lead to the back side of the press on nail.
  • Use double sided tape.
  • Paint a unicorn tail on another nail covered with polish.
  • Paint a rainbow on a white one.
  • Coat parchment paper with rich lotion.
  • Shape a unicorn horn with ears out of hot glue.
  • When it’s dry, attach the horn to a ring blank.
  • Color it with different nail polishes.
  • Add glittering accents to white ears.
  • Paint a sleeping unicorn face on the next nail.
  • Decorate the forehead with a star.
  • Copy the same pictures for the other hand.
  • These unicorn nails are so amazing! This season’s must-have!
  • And Lillian completes the manicure with a horn ring! It’s a 3D unicorn.
  • And the pointer unicorn is great for giving autographs!
  • Angie adores it! My 10 fingers deserve 10 million likes!
  • And the new visitor is already here! Lady Grey Mouse!
  • She saw the Nail Bar on her favorite blogger’s Instagram,
  • so she came to get her nails done like her idol.
  • But everything has to be quick and not intimidating!
  • Paint your nails light blue.
  • Put rainbow powder onto a silicone stamp.
  • Apply stamping polish onto a plate, spread it with a scraper,
  • and press on the stamp. Make imprints on a nail.
  • Lillian creates a leopard print for her client in order to unleash her inner cat!
  • But the client isn’t happy! The print is not only on her nails,
  • but also on her fingers! Lillian will quickly fix it with a marker!
  • Dip an old marker into nail remover. Let it soak in the liquid.
  • Carefully clean the skin around the nail with the marker.
  • The simple leopard print is done.
  • Now the client is satisfied! Lady Mouse has set her wild cat free!
  • Dolly came to Lillian’s salon.
  • But she keeps getting distracted with glittering and interesting things!
  • An unusual person like this deserves a very unusual nail design!
  • Tear silver tinsel into little pieces.
  • Coat a press-on nail with silver nail polish. And attach tinsel.
  • Cover the entire surface. Cut off the extra tinsel on one side.
  • Secure it with a layer of clear polish.
  • Do it on all the nails. Attach the nails to your fingers.
  • Dolly’s loving it! She feels holiday vibes in every finger!
  • What a great design!
  • But she comes back after 5 minutes!
  • Her holiday nails got chaotic real quick! Party’s over!
  • No worries! Lillian will do something else!
  • Paint your nails white.
  • Apply peel off liquid polish around the cuticle.
  • Apply strips of different nail polish colors onto a smooth surface.
  • Press on a silicone stamp. And make an imprint on the nail.
  • Carefully remove the polish around the cuticle.
  • This wavy nail design is perfect for Dolly’s style!
  • These nails will last a while!
  • Enjoy your life and don’t worry about your nails, Dolly!
  • Lillian decides to do her own nails while there aren’t any clients.
  • But the brush of her favorite nail polish is ruined!
  • No big deal — Lillian knows a trick!
  • Replace an old ruined nail polish brush with a paintbrush.
  • Trim around a brush with natural bristles. And make a flat tip.
  • Do your nails with the new brush.
  • Smart Lillian does her nails with a paint brush.
  • And her manicure looks very artistic.
  • Lillian wants to make her nails even more interesting! Let’s use steam!
  • Hold wet nails over steam. And the surface becomes matte.
  • A highly creative person comes to the Nail bar!
  • She even thinks that the sign is a work of art!
  • She’s a DJ, a photographer, and an artist all in one!
  • It would be hard to impress her! But Lillian can impress anybody!
  • Take labels off crayons.
  • And melt them in a microwave.
  • Attach a press on nail to a hot glue stick using double sided tape.
  • Dip the nail into the melted crayon. And let it harden.
  • Print out little Crayola logos on colored strips.
  • Cut out oval labels. And attach them to corresponding nails.
  • Attach the press on nails with double sided tape.
  • The artist is taking a very close look at the manicure!
  • It passes the test of the strictest art critic! Bright colors, weird material.
  • And most importantly, you can draw with these nails any time you want!
  • And when you are done, you can easily take them off by removing the tape!
  • Our new visitor is a real boss!
  • She insists on gloves and hygiene being maintained!
  • And she looks so serious! Lillian gets down to work!
  • Paint your nails white.
  • Apply polish around the nail.
  • Wrap a finger in a net.
  • Apply blue and purple makeup glitter mixed with clear nail polish
  • to a corner of a sponge.
  • Make an imprint on the finger through the net.
  • Carefully remove the net. And take off the polish around the cuticle.
  • Secure the nail art with clear nail polish.
  • Madam Boss sees her sparkling manicure! That won’t do!
  • She has to fly to a crucial conference with powerful people!
  • These nails won’t be allowed in business class!
  • We immediately need to redo the design!
  • Paint the nails lavender.
  • Use an angled brush and a different color to make hearts.
  • Lillian is done with one hand! Are you kidding me?
  • What will these hearts say about me? That I love my business partners?
  • We need new nails without hearts and other foolishness!
  • Apply white glue to the edge of a press on nail.
  • Place the nail to the edge of your nail covered with clear polish.
  • Lightly press it on and make an oval line on your nail.
  • Another way. Dip a thin liner nail brush into white polish.
  • And paint a white strip on the edge of your nail.
  • The length of the bristles makes the lines smooth.
  • Lillian made the neatest and the cleanest French manicure in the entire universe!
  • Madam Boss can’t find any fault in it! Perfect technique!
  • At last, Madam Boss leaves! Thank goodness she only has two hands!
  • Did you like our nail hacks?
  • Then write in the comments which manicure you would get done at our salon!
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  • so that you don’t miss new tips and tricks on Troom Troom!

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Today we'll share with you excellent life hacks for nails and manicure! Use our tips to make a cool nail-art for yourself or your friends!

Supplies and tools:
• Cotton pad
• Nail polish remover
• Foil
• Paint brush
• Scissors
• Press-on nail tips
• Nail file
• Plastic finger model
• Sponge
• Different colors of nail polishes
• Decorative stars
• Clear nail polish
• Q-tip
• Glittering nail polish
• Mechanical pencil lead
• Double sided tape
• Parchment paper
• Rich lotion
• Hot glue gun
• Ring blank
• Silicone manicure stamp
• Rainbow powder
• Stamping nail polish
• Stamping plate
• Scraper
• Marker
• Silver tinsel
• Peel off liquid polish
• Natural paintbrush
• Hot water
• Crayons
• Small printed Crayola logos
• Net
• Glitter
• Angled brush
• Liner nail brush

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