12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan!

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08:32   |   Jan 11, 2017


12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan!
12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan! thumb 12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan! thumb 12 Course TEMPURA Dinner in Tokyo Japan! thumb


  • I hear when you're in Tokyo you gotta stop by for some tempura, and I heard this place is really good, this is Tempura suna achi, let's go check it out.
  • Think I'm gunna go for the set of 12 different tempuras.
  • So apparently when eating tempura there's a system.
  • They usually give you some salt, grated radish and tentsuyu sauce
  • and there's 3 ways to eat it, actually pour the tentsuyu sauce over the raddish
  • and then dip the tempura in there
  • another way is to put some salt on a plate and dip the tempura in there and eat it that way
  • the chef has just indicated to me that that's our complete tempura platter
  • so everything you see here is going to be made into tempura
  • so I see scallops, fish, shrimp, there's green peppers, eggplant, lotus root
  • and what looks like seaweed wrapped rice
  • look it's still moving, so fresh!
  • You guys might have heard me scream a little bit, that's because the two shrimps that's gunna become our tempura
  • jumped like a foot into the air
  • so of course I reacted in the only way I knew how
  • screamed like a little girl
  • The first thing that comes to my plate is the shrimp head
  • took my tentsuyu sauce, like they mentioned, and pour it over my raddish
  • mix that up
  • dip my shrimp head in there
  • I'll never look at shrimp head the same way again, ever
  • next, I'm just going to take a little salt, put it on my plate
  • different types of salt here, wasabi salt
  • touch the tempura to the salt
  • it's like eating the freshest shrimp cracker
  • hey guys, I'm talking in a really low voice because it's really quiet in here
  • so I don't want to disturb anyone else's meal
  • Next is, the body of the shrimp
  • first one, dip into my raddish and sauce
  • I'm gonna just eat the whole thing with the tail

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I've tried a lot of tempura before having some in Japan and honestly they all sucked compared to what I had. The tempura dinner I had in the Giza area of Tokyo was incredible!

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Tempura Shinjuku Tsunahachi Ginza

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