11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire

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Mar 10, 2019


11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire
11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire thumb 11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire thumb 11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire thumb


  • Garlic EOS! Vegetarian blood!
  • Glittery vampire fangs! And a soft wooden stake!
  • Now you know what to do if you’re friends with a vampire!
  • Watch our new video to learn lifehacks and pranks for vampires!
  • Vicky loves stories about vampires!
  • She’s seen every vampire saga!
  • And dreams of transforming into a fanged queen of the night!
  • You want it, you got it! Vicky turned into Elsa, the Vampire Queen!
  • She has a cape and is surrounded by mysterious fog.
  • Unfortunately, she’s allergic to vampire special effects!
  • Tea time! But vampires have unique preferences!
  • Elsa brought her own drink! Which looks suspiciously like blood.
  • Draw a blood bag on a plastic folder.
  • Cut out two pieces. Connect them with paper clips.
  • Cover the edge with parchment paper.
  • And seal it shut with a flat iron.
  • Fuse all the sides. But leave the neck open.
  • Even out the edges.
  • Glue on a label with medical symbols.
  • Add red food coloring to tomato juice.
  • And use a funnel to pour it into the bag.
  • Elsa pours fresh blood into her cup!
  • A-positive — her favorite! How gross!
  • Elsa offers the ultra-healthy drink to her friend to try!
  • No way! Christy doesn’t want to drink some stranger’s blood!
  • That’s not hygienic! But Elsa really likes this thick tomato juice!
  • Elsa’s having a blast. She’s really enjoying her frightful appearance.
  • And Christy decided to prank her gloomy friend!
  • She has the perfect EOS for the job! Would you like a nice garlic bulb?
  • Remove EOS balm from the container.
  • Add garlic powder.
  • And melt it in a microwave.
  • Connect the grid with the top.
  • And pour the balm inside.
  • Close it and let it cool.
  • Cover the container with light white clay.
  • Shape a bulb of garlic.
  • Enhance the color with acrylic paint.
  • Cut the light clay around the equator so you’ll be able to open the EOS.
  • Elsa, just like every vampire, is terrified of garlic!
  • But this is just some EOS!
  • Elsa tries using the balm, but it turns out it’s got garlic in it, too!
  • Her poor vampire lips! They’re having an allergic reaction!
  • Wow, what a great friend. Did she want to poison Elsa?!
  • Nobody respects vampires in this house!!!
  • Elsa decided to be sneaky!
  • She draws bite marks on her neck to make Christy believe
  • that she really is a vampire!
  • Elsa shows her friend the bite!
  • But Christy doesn’t react how she predicted she would!
  • She just takes out a wipe and cleans the makeup off! Now Elsa’s upset!
  • Elsa decided to take a nap.
  • But bright light interrupts her bloody dreams!
  • Usually vampires sleep in coffins, and this bed is way too soft!
  • She can’t fall asleep! Especially without her sleep mask!
  • Cut a bat silhouette out of paper.
  • Use masking tape to attach the template to black felt.
  • Cut out two pieces.
  • Attach two black elastic ribbons.
  • And glue the two pieces together.
  • Elsa puts on the mask and falls right asleep!
  • Bats have always protected vampires!
  • Elsa’s having some lunch! Eww, how gross!
  • Our carefree vampire got her whole chin dirty!
  • She’s eating cookies with blood capsules!
  • Draw a frame on a plastic bottle with hot glue.
  • Attach a picture of red roses to the back of the bottle,
  • gluing the picture side on.
  • Tone the bottle with black acrylic paint.
  • Leave the framed part unpainted.
  • Add gold accents.
  • Wrap the neck with thread. Decorate the knot with a little rose.
  • Glue on a label that says “Vampire Blood.”
  • Dissolve cocoa powder in milk.
  • Add red food coloring.
  • Pour the mixture into empty plastic capsules. Use a syringe.
  • Put the capsules into the bottle.
  • Elsa invites her friend to share a few blood capsules with her!
  • It’s a vampire dietary supplement rich in hemoglobin!
  • Very healthy! But Christy says no!
  • She already has enough blood of her own!
  • Christy’s hiding from Elsa behind the couch!
  • You’re such a bad friend! Elsa’s feelings are hurt!
  • And Christy leaves the best de-stressor in the world for her —
  • a cute fluffy dog!
  • That’d be great, except vampires can’t stand dogs!
  • But as long as no one’s watching, Elsa remembers her human roots!
  • After all, puppies can melt anyone’s cold heart!
  • Elsa wants to be the most glamorous vampire in history!
  • Regular fangs aren’t good enough!
  • Trim long press-on nails to be shaped like fangs.
  • Cover them with Elmer’s glue.
  • And sprinkle a lot of glitter on top.
  • Secure the glitter with clear nail polish.
  • Glue the fangs onto a set of fake vampire teeth.
  • Elsa tries on her sparkling fangs! That’s much better!
  • She’ll definitely be the next Miss Transylvania!
  • Time to show off for her friend! Christy’s sitting with the dog!
  • Not this fluffy monster again!
  • Ignoring the dog, Christy suggests a vampire photoshoot!
  • A selfie with a vampire will get a lot of likes!
  • After all, having a live-in vampire is pretty cool!
  • Christy made a yummy treat for her undead friend!
  • Candy from a pure-hearted human!
  • Color a round box with black paint.
  • Decorate it with a pink ribbon. Glue on a bow.
  • Dip a clove of garlic into melted chocolate.
  • When the chocolate cools, put the garlic candy into the box.
  • And pour in chocolate-covered almonds on top.
  • Elsa can’t wait to try the candy.
  • But the first one ends up being poisonous garlic!
  • Christy’s trying to torture this poor vamp! Okay, Christy, watch out!
  • Christy keeps on pranking her friend!
  • Check out her new game, Vampire Hunting — all she needs is a wooden stake.
  • Cut a long piece off of a memory foam pillow.
  • Shape it like a stake.
  • Use rubber paint to make it look like wood.
  • Add tree bark.
  • Elsa’s scared! But quickly notices that the stake is soft, not real.
  • It’s yet another prank!
  • Gosh, how much more of this will the poor vampire have to go through?!
  • Since my friend doesn’t believe I’m a real vampire, I’ll have to prove it!
  • Everyone knows vampires have super strength!
  • And Elsa easily lifts a 200-kilogram weight with one hand!
  • Wrap a Styrofoam ball in a few layers of tinfoil.
  • Roll up and twist some more foil.
  • Make a handle for a dumbbell.
  • Trim the edges. Use a hammer to make the handle flat.
  • And glue it onto the ball.
  • Write ‘200 kg’ with hot glue.
  • Color the weight with black acrylic paint.
  • Add bronze and silver accents.
  • Christy watches Elsa’s weight training! Are you for real?
  • That’s impressive! But Christy figures out the vampire trick!
  • This dumbbell is practically weightless!
  • Christy easily tosses it into the air!
  • Christy drags her friend outside!
  • It’s one thing to think you’re a vampire!
  • But it’s another to spend the whole day at home!
  • But the sunlight scares Elsa! Vampires never go outside in the daylight!
  • Elsa came up with a solution!
  • She brought a special vampire parasol with a veil!
  • Fold black tulle in half.
  • And sew it to the edge of an umbrella.
  • Trim the excess.
  • Well, this umbrella makes Elsa look like a jellyfish widow!
  • So why are we just standing around, let’s go walk around!
  • Elsa barely makes it outside!
  • Her veiled umbrella doesn’t seem to want to let her go out!
  • Did you like our pranks and lifehacks for vampires?
  • Then let us know in the comments
  • about how you’ll prank your vampire-obsessed friend!
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  • new inventive lifehacks and funny pranks from Troom Troom!

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Does your friend dream of becoming a vampire? What a great idea! You can come up with a bunch of pranks on a vampire theme! Watch our today's video and you'll know what to do if your friend thinking that she is a vampire!

Supplies and tools:
• EOS lip balm
• Garlic powder
• Light clay
• Acrylic paint
• Utility knife
• Plastic folder
• Paperclips
• Parchment paper
• Flat iron
• Printed-out blood donor label
• Tomato juice
• Food coloring
• Funnel
• Round box
• Ribbon
• Garlic
• Toothpick
• Melted chocolate
• Chocolate-coated almonds
• Press-on nails
• Scissors
• Elmer’s glue
• Glitter
• Clear nail polish
• Fake vampire teeth
• Memory foam pillow
• Rubber paints
• Styrofoam ball
• Tinfoil
• Hot glue gun
• Hammer
• Template of a bat
• Felt
• Elastic ribbon
• Makeup
• Black tulle
• Umbrella
• Needle and thread
• Plastic bottle
• Picture of red roses
• Thread
• Decorative flower
• Printed label that says “Vampire Blood”
• Cocoa powder
• Milk
• Plastic capsules
• Syringe

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