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$1000 LUXURY COLOR PENCILS VS $1 CRAYOLA: Which Is Better? thumb $1000 LUXURY COLOR PENCILS VS $1 CRAYOLA: Which Is Better? thumb $1000 LUXURY COLOR PENCILS VS $1 CRAYOLA: Which Is Better? thumb


  • This video is proudly brought to you by my friend and fellow art channel, ZHC.
  • After he made his video on these, he let me borrow them to make this video
  • cause ya'll guys know my cheap butt ain't gonna be buying thousand-dollar colored pencils.
  • So yeah, Zach, thank you so much, and if you haven't subscribed to his channel, haven't checked him out, what are you doing?
  • I'll link him down below.
  • Louis Vuitton, the handbag designer maker themselves,
  • came out with $1,000 colored pencils.
  • Yes, you heard me right.
  • For colored pencils.
  • A thousand dollars.
  • For colored pencils.
  • *Clears throat*
  • (In fancy voice): This collector's item has been created for the Summer-Spring 2019.
  • Finished in Louis Vuitton's monogram canvas,
  • it is filled with fine quality pencils in a wide array of hues.
  • A beautiful gift for any art
  • enthusiast, this pencils pouch comes complete with the Louis Vuitton circle hanging ring
  • and it can be yours for only $955,
  • not including tax. *chuckles*
  • And today I am gonna compare those thousand-dollar colored pencils to some one-dollar Crayolas.
  • *Imitates heavenly singing*
  • And I'm also going to be comparing them to either Faber-Castell or Polychromos which are about 20 dollars apiece, depending on the formula
  • so yeah, without further ado let's see if these colored pencils - for $1000!
  • Let's see if these colored pencils are life-changing.
  • First we had the $80 Supreme pencil.
  • It's teeny-tiny!
  • And then we had the $100 Gucci pen video.
  • Oh *beep*!
  • Oh *beep*! Okay, yeah!
  • And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have peaked.
  • What is inside this box right now is worth more than my rent.
  • It's multiple car payments. It's worth more than the lens that you were being filmed with right now. Okay,
  • *Blows nervously*
  • I'm so nervous. I feel like I shouldn't be touching this right now.
  • I feel like this is too expensive for anything involving me.
  • *Relaxing music*
  • Oh my god, that is so Zach!
  • Look!
  • He straight-up used drawing paper to stuff this!
  • That is such an artist thing to do!
  • I frickin love that. Never change, Zach!
  • Never change.
  • Look how nice this is. We have like the Louis Vuitton logo right here. It has like a nice little drawer thing.
  • Wow.
  • Okay...*Blows nervously*
  • I don't know why I'm so nervous!
  • Just open it up already. It's just a box, it's literally just colored pencils! Calm down, Rae!
  • So three, two,
  • one...
  • Oh shoot!
  • Aww, look!
  • Look guys, it's Turkey!
  • He has such a mood, I swear.
  • This is so cool. Honestly Zach, YouTuber of the year.
  • I'm gonna frame this because, obviously.
  • All right, so this is what a thousand dollars is gonna get you.
  • Oh, it has the official Louis Vuitton...
  • What is this?
  • Oh, you know what this is?
  • Whenever you buy Louis Vuitton,
  • you get a little card that says it's not fake, like an official certificate saying this is Louis Vuitton.
  • And I think that's what this is.
  • So that is neat.
  • But we're not gonna need it.
  • And the moment we've all been waiting for. I'm so excited! Oh my god! Oh my gosh!
  • Let's get a zoom in!
  • Dude, look at this.
  • Oh my god.
  • Look, it has all the colors.
  • Ohhhh!
  • Dude, this is like some rich kids stuff going on.
  • Can you imagine a kid showing up with like, literally a thousand-dollar colored pencils?
  • But yeah, this is like really really incredible. The detail on this -
  • look at that.
  • Wow, that is so beautiful!
  • Look at the - these colored pencils are so bougie and so ridiculous. This has like a LATCH
  • just to open up these colored pencils.
  • How BOUGIE can you get?
  • Okay, open up, up here.
  • *Gasps*
  • Oh
  • my
  • gosh.
  • Of course I saw Zach's video, but honestly, it looked like way less than what is right here, you know?
  • Like, look compared to my arm how big they are. Like, do you see that? Look at that!
  • There's so many! I mean for $1000, there better be, you know, a good selection
  • but wow, these are absolutely incredible. These are beautiful, beautiful colors. Look at this color! Oh my lord!
  • These are beautiful.
  • Oh dude, look at that! Look at that!
  • It says Louis Vuitton on the pencil
  • themselves, look at that. And it has like, the logo, it has like, the little designs. That is so
  • incredible, the detail on this -
  • wow.
  • I never buy leather so I don't think I would ever purchase - personally purchase these,
  • but you know, this is a very thick leather case, which is absolutely incredible.
  • My first impression of all of these is that this is a really, really nice color range.
  • I mean, for a thousand dollars, you know, this better be a good color range.
  • *Music*
  • The one good thing that I love about this super-bougie case
  • you can whip them out like that. Like wha-psh! That's awesome.
  • Uh, but yeah, let's do some swatches of all 40 colors.
  • God, they're so beautiful!
  • Wow.
  • *Background music*
  • Hmm.
  • Okay. Okay.
  • So yeah, one thing that I immediately noticed right off the bat,
  • the colors, I think they did a fantastic job picking them. Now as far as the formula goes it's like a really weird mix between
  • Crayola and uh,
  • Faber-Castell, Polychromos,
  • it's like a weird mix of both of these.
  • It's like if you could combine somehow the Crayola and Prismacolor formula, you'll get like this, this Louis Vuitton
  • perfect formula. Like, you know what I'm saying, it's like a weird hybrid of both.
  • Alright, so right here is going to be the Louis Vuitton.
  • Gonna press very hard and lightly go.
  • Right here is the like, $1 Crayola.
  • And then lastly we'll have the Faber-Castell.
  • Whoa, these two are like really really similar!
  • I'm like, amazed right now how similar these are. Like, the texture is the same -
  • wow. Seriously,
  • 1000-dollar pencils are almost the exact same as a Faber - WHAT?
  • The Faber-Castell is a LITTLE bit more smooth. It has less filler as you can see like, by the little white dots.
  • Just barely it has more of a true blue pigment to it than the Louis Vuitton.
  • But yeah, I'm amazed right now like, how similar they are. Whoa, that's kind of weird, right?
  • *Classical music*
  • So yeah,
  • one thing I won't be able to tell is the light-fastness of everything, like how long these will be able to be archival.
  • But I will be able to tell the blending so
  • let's test that out right now.
  • All right, so first will be the Louis Vuitton, let's see how this baby works and blends.
  • *Continues*
  • Ooh!
  • Okay, wow, I honestly truly was not expecting them to blend that good.
  • Ooh!
  • So next up will be the Crayola.
  • You know it's bad when ever like, Crayola has a better green pigment than a thousand-dollar colored pencil.
  • Whoo!
  • Okay, we're gonna keep going.
  • Dang.
  • Wow, I'm speechless honestly. Like, I -?
  • I truly do not know what to say. I mean, this has a better like, blend ability,
  • it has good pigment and color and everything. But I mean, this is one dollar.
  • This is a thousand.
  • You know it's bad whenever the one-dollar colored pencil can be a dupe for the THOUSAND-dollar colored pencils.
  • Uh, wow, okay. Moving on.
  • Oh, man. Dude,
  • Don't tell me that these thousand-dollar colored pencils are less
  • pigmented and have more filler than these twenty-dollar colored pencils.
  • There is no way in hell that these pencils could be this bad!
  • *Gasps* I mean, they're not bad, but I mean, a thousand? Like, I thought they would outperform
  • the twenty-dollar colored pen. Is this real? Oh my god.
  • Like, I have to press very hard to like, pick up the pigment. That's how -
  • Girl, like, do you see how much deeper and more vibrant the pigment colors can get on this one versus this one?
  • What?
  • And then don't even get me started talking about Crayola, the $1 colored pencils.
  • WHAT???
  • Yikes. Yikes. Yikes yikes yikes. A big yikes.
  • Maybe, just maybe
  • they'll perform better whenever I'm doing an actual drawing, you know what I'm saying?
  • so yeah, wow. Let's, let's draw with these babies.
  • Wow.
  • And I will be drawing this grasshopper
  • from Pixels - whoops! Which is like, a public domain website where all the images are public domain.
  • *Background music*
  • First of all, I want to apologize for not being able to do like, a really large,
  • you know, fancy kind of drawing. I gotta get this video out quick because I will be at VidCon.
  • (Voiceover Rae): Or I should say, WAS at VidCon.
  • Scene cuts to me being too turnt at VidCon!
  • *MLG air horn*
  • Okay, so the first thing that I noticed that I was genuinely, genuinely shocked by was the fact that the Faber-Castell black was
  • drastically darker than the Louis Vuitton black.
  • Alright, so here's a side-by-side comparison of the two blacks and I did everything the same, everything under the same circumstances,
  • and yeah,
  • there's a clear difference between the two. Like, the Louis Vuitton looks almost like a grey compared to the Faber-Castell's black.
  • The second issue that I had is that there's so much filler inside of these colored pencils that it doesn't layer.
  • Like, for example, look at all the structure within the Faber-Castell grasshopper.
  • You can see like, the strict lines of black, you can see where I put yellow,
  • you can even see some of the whites and it looks good, and then you compare it to -
  • all the colors just kind of like, meshed in here together and you can't really tell where everything's at. These didn't really layer,
  • they didn't really blend, they just kind of like mushed all together. You know what I'm saying?
  • Like, you know it's bad whenever the 12-pack of Faber-Castells can hold up against the 40-pack of Louis Vuitton!
  • What? What is this?
  • Louis Vuitton, please get your act together, dude!
  • Do you guys remember, I did a video like way back in the day on cheap Wish art supplies and I had gotten these colored
  • pencils and they reminded me almost exactly of these Louis Vuitton colored pencils
  • which blows my mind. You know what I'm saying? Like, I hate to go on a rant but I mean, for
  • a thousand dollars,
  • something this waxy and full of filler is, in my opinion,
  • completely
  • unacceptable, dude!
  • *Classical music*
  • I really like the packaging. I feel like this is the ultimate bougie artist right here and I'm, I'm actually here for it, you know?
  • And honestly,
  • I would love to have this like, strip of leather just to have like, pencils in.
  • I would love to have this just for the
  • collector's item that it is.
  • But I mean, bro.
  • I would never use these, you know? It's, it's just cause they're cool, it's just cause they're Louis Vuitton, you know what I'm saying?
  • Oh, and that's another thing! There was a color selection of 40, but somehow I managed to get better color payout from 12.
  • What is up with that?
  • Ay-yi-yi. So yeah,
  • it's stating the obvious that this is just a gimmick just because it's Louis Vuitton, just because it's limited edition,
  • that's the point of these, just a collector's item for people who really like Louis Vuitton.
  • But coming from somebody who has worked with pretty much every formula of colored pencil you can imagine,
  • *Deep breath, sigh*
  • These just ain't it sis.
  • So yeah, I'm gonna give these the official Rae Dizzle rating of, and I hate to say this, these are definitely getting a D-minus.
  • *Buzz*
  • Anyway guys, thank you so much again for watching and
  • again, shout out to ZHC for making this video possible. Of course,
  • I have an Art Instagram and a Twitter and yeah, with that being said guys,
  • thank you so much again for watching and I will see you next video. Bye!
  • *Classical music*

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