$100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money?

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16:35   |   Sep 30, 2018


$100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money?
$100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money? thumb $100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money? thumb $100 GOLD GUCCI PEN vs $0 BALLPOINT PEN: Which Is Worth The Money? thumb


  • Hey guys, it's Rae here.
  • Wa-cha!
  • Hey guys, it's Rae here. Welcome back to my channel!
  • So if you're new here, hi, my name is Rae Dizzle, and I buy a lot of really
  • expensive art supplies. Like we're talking DUMB expensive art supplies.
  • You might remember the super expensive crayons, the super expensive watercolor, the ridiculously overpriced colored pencils,
  • and so on and so forth. I'll leave a playlist somewhere. And
  • now ladies and gentlemen, I believe that we have reached the PEAK of bougieness. After this video goes up,
  • there is no surpassing this level of ridiculous, of bougie, of extra. There is nothing more
  • ridiculously overpriced than what we are getting today. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. We are reviewing a
  • $100
  • GOLD-PLATED Gucci pen. Guys, I am not kidding you, as soon as I saw this pen
  • I knew it was about to go down!
  • You know how sometimes eBay has the "place a bid" and people can bid for it and they also have the option to buy it
  • now for like, the most expensive price? As soon as I saw this pen, I was like no, we're buying this. This is mine,
  • I now own this, I am ready for it. So according to the eBay pictures that I saw, let me get it...
  • According to the seller: this is gold plated, it's new, it's authentic,
  • it's Gucci and it's a pen. And just by looking at all the pictures I very much think it is a Gucci pen,
  • I do think it's more vintage though because there is some wear and tear on the box
  • and the reason why I don't think it's a fake is because
  • Gucci pens are not really in high demand. Like their t-shirts, their clothes, their handbags, a two second search: boom,
  • you found the fake. Those are the items that are in high demand,
  • those are the things that you can use to flex on people, you know what I'm saying?
  • Like, you can't really flex on people with a pen. You know what I'm saying, like, "Oh hey, look at my pen."
  • You know, that's just not cool. And as of now in
  • 2017-
  • 18, I forgot the year. I don't know, don't ask. They currently do not sell any pens whatsoever.
  • But in the previous decades they did sell pens in their Gucci store
  • and of course, to compare to all this bougieness we're going to be comparing this vintage
  • gold-plated Gucci pen, and compare it to whatever
  • random pen that I have lying around and we're gonna see, is there some miracle ink inside this Gucci pen? Do the inks perform the
  • exact same? Is it all about the casing? I don't know. That's what we're gonna find out today. So,
  • guys, with, out -
  • Oh, you know what I forgot?
  • If you want to follow my social links, my Instagram, and also subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or second channel.
  • And now, without further ado,
  • uh, let's begin.
  • *Exhales* Okay, Rae, deep breaths, deep breaths.
  • Deep breaths.
  • I'm so excited right now. I need to calm down. So as of right now, this package has not been opened,
  • I'm not gonna flip it around because obviously it has like my name and the guy's name who sent it,
  • but it's never been opened. So as of right now, I have no idea what it looks like.
  • I don't know if it looks exactly like the pictures, I don't know if it looks better than the pictures.
  • But we're about to find out. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how well this guy wrapped this package?
  • There is so much tape all over this. Oh my god.
  • You know what would really suck? If I was getting ready to cut and then I accidentally stabbed through the box, that would be terrible.
  • Oh, but I just - I did cut through something. Oh god, what is this? Okay, it's nothing. Okay. Thank God.
  • Okay, moment of truth.
  • You $100 Gucci pen!
  • OMG! *laughs*
  • It says Gucci on it! Oh, yeah, look at that. I mean, Gucci now baby, we Gucci now!
  • So nothing on the bottom,
  • nothing up top.
  • Like I saw in the pictures,
  • there's a little bit of wear and tear where it says Gucci which - ah! - I wish it was like perfect mint condition,
  • but that's all right.
  • Ooh, we have some tags on here.
  • I guess this is the store where it's from or where it was originally located and this is basically the
  • authentication number. I think maybe this actually might be the
  • authentication number or whatever it's called.
  • I'm not bougie enough to know. Cause whenever you buy Gucci it usually has like "authenticity"
  • tags to make sure that it's legit and not some ripoff, and I think that's maybe what this tag is.
  • Ah, it's - oh my god, here it is. Oh, it is so beautiful! Look at that Gucci detail.
  • Oh my god.
  • It's so
  • beautiful.
  • It's so pretty. I don't want to touch it. I just want to leave it in its case where it belongs.
  • I mean, compare it to something like Dollar Tree, I mean this, the craftsmanship, the beauty, it's so much better.
  • Oh my gawd. I'm not really too sure how to take it out. I guess just pull on it -
  • Oh my God, look, there's even little clips that
  • clip it to the box, like how extra is that? That's so ridiculous.
  • We'll just put that back where it belongs...
  • Gucci packaging.
  • I just want to say, this is my one and only Gucci item that I own
  • so I feel like I'm officially a YouTuber because for some reason all the YouTubers have Gucci, now I do too
  • so I'm a YouTuber. The first thing I noticed is that this pen is actually really heavy compared to a
  • bulky *beep* compared to one of my favorite white pens, which I use for highlights all the time. This pen is so heavy!
  • Oh my god. And also, it's so thin!
  • Maybe it's not thinner, maybe that's just my imagination, but it feels so th- oh wrong one. It feels so thin.
  • Ugh, this pen is everything. This is by far the most beautiful pen I have ever seen in my life. Even that little thing is
  • gold-plated, like how ridiculous is that? I wonder if you can take it apart. Maybe not. Maybe you can't take it apart.
  • I don't know, I tried.
  • Oh yeah, you can t- oh my god, even this thing is gold! Really?
  • Really?
  • Wow, that's crazy. Oh god, I might have broken it. Oh god! It's not going back in,
  • I might have broken it. Okay, so that is great and everything. It's a beautiful pen,
  • I like everything about it except for the price. In comparison to all the bougieness,
  • and uh, this is the competition of what we're dealing with.
  • The only thing I'm worried about is that the ink in this one will be, because it's vintage I'm scared
  • the ink is gonna be dried up. And this one is obviously brand new, never been used,
  • so that's the only thing I'm really worried about. And as far as claims go,
  • it's smooth, easy glide system, glides on easy and...
  • and the quality comes in writing. So basically it's just a basic black pen. Like, this pen is nice and everything
  • but it ain't Gucci. You know what I'm saying?
  • Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang.
  • Okay, so let me zoom you guys in for the very first test which will be the scribble test.
  • So basically,
  • I'm just gonna scribble a line and we're gonna see if we can tell a difference right off the bat.
  • And plus we're gonna see if this even works at all.
  • I'm so nervous to use this. I am so freakin nervous! I'm scared I'm gonna break it
  • or it's not gonna work or like, I don't know, something really dramatic is gonna happen.
  • Okay.
  • *Background music*
  • Oh no. Oh no! Oh no! My greatest fear has happened!
  • *beep* Okay. So as I thought, the ink is 100% dry in this so I'm gonna have to rewed it, do some extractions and
  • I'm gonna try my best
  • to save it!
  • Okay, so I tried soaking it a little bit and we did
  • get some color, like there was a LITTLE bit in there
  • so it might just be dried out, we CAN wet it just a little bit to get things going.
  • I read that if you put it in water, let it soak for about, I don't know, a few minutes,
  • it should loosen everything on the bottom up. So I will be back with an update.
  • Okay, so it's been about, I don't know, maybe about 15 minutes and it's been soaking. And
  • in theory this should write now.
  • Oh my god. Really?
  • Really?
  • Okay, obviously that did not work.
  • So there's one more hack that I saw where you get a lighter and you briefly light it up for a little bit and in
  • theory it should melt all the ink so it could write smooth again.
  • We're gonna try that, see if it works. Oh no, this is turning black. Oh my gosh.
  • *Sims music*
  • Wow, okay! It got too hot and it explode - it had exploded everywhere!
  • *Gasps* It's working! Oh my gosh guys, it's working, it's working, it's working! *Gasps*
  • Oh my gosh! Okay, great. I'm gonna go clean up,
  • I'm gonna clean up this mess a little bit. And that took so much ink out of it,
  • but that's okay because now it's working, we can continue this video on!
  • Okay, so we are finally able to do the tests without any more further
  • interruptions because gosh, that was super annoying.
  • I'll be testing out four things
  • and after those four things I'm going to do a very quick sketch. Top row will be ze Gucci
  • and the bottom row will be just a basic pick.
  • So starting off I'm going to do the line test and
  • basically, the point of this test is just to see how well the ink distributes because sometimes you press way too hard on a pen
  • and all the ink comes out. This is to see the consistency of that, which - there is NO difference,
  • oh my god. They are both equally
  • mediocre. What is this? Honestly, what is this? So I think I'm gonna give them both zero points.
  • Next test, I'm gonna test out the opacity of this beautiful pen.
  • Can you focus please?
  • Okay, whatever. And I'm just gonna fill in a completely opaque little area just to see how well the ink works and while I'm
  • here, I can do this smear test. Oh,
  • ooh, that was good. There's almost no smearing. Okay, great. Good for you Gucci, good for you.
  • Next step will be the opacity on this pen,
  • which is the big pen. Oh, yeah, this one 100% billion wins.
  • The smearing is a lot more, but I mean the opacity, very nice. The opacity on this one's bad,
  • but the smearing is minimal and the opacity on this one is good, but the smearing is kind of a lot
  • so instead of just giving one point to each we're still gonna keep it equal,
  • add zero. On the last test I'm gonna try to work
  • it weird angles here, see how well it works, which is not very much.
  • And the point of this test is just to see how well, again the print pen,
  • distributes ink and see how well the rollerball works which uh,
  • this one is hella, hella better. One point to Gryffindor!
  • Again, I would like to remind everybody I bought this pen for $100. Can you imagine how much this pen
  • originally cost? Because now I believe it's Versace or something like that,
  • they have pens for three, four, five hundred dollars. So imagine with inflation,
  • this pen was probably that exact amount back in its heyday.
  • And welcome to the very last test which is the line/drawing test. Now
  • usually when I do these series,
  • I do these big elaborate drawings that take several hours to do and I condense them. But this time I'm not gonna do that,
  • I'm just gonna be testing out a quick sketch and I just want to get the idea of how both of these pens work.
  • The left side will be, of course the Gucci, and
  • the right side will be just a random pen that I had around the house that happened to be blue.
  • Because I really want to compare the two inks and the two colors.
  • *Piano music*
  • In some unrelated Gucci news, I - the reason why I have this sketch kind of ready to go,
  • I mean, it's not anywhere near perfect,
  • it's just like a little sketch, is because I am planning to do all of Inktober,
  • and if you don't know what Inktober is, it's basically a prompt list of artists to follow for the whole month of
  • Inktober, and the medium you use is ink, so I guess the cat's out of the bag.
  • I am going to be doing a pinup theme all month,
  • or at least try to. So this is just the concept drawing, if you want to see the full-on first day of Inktober,
  • be sure to check out my Instagram.
  • It'll be every single day in October so I'm excited.
  • *Music continues*
  • Okay, that took me about a total of...
  • ten minutes to do. So before I cut to my final thoughts,
  • I want you guys to look at this drawing up close and I want to ask you the question, if somebody told you
  • one side cost $100 and the other side costs less than ten cents,
  • which one would you be able to tell? What would you say?
  • What would you think? What would you DO if somebody told you this was a from a $100 pen? I honestly would say,
  • what's, what's the difference?
  • So with that being said,
  • I think I'm ready to share my final thoughts because dude, I have so much to say about this little tiny pen.
  • Good morning!
  • So it's been about 24 hours since I've used the pen, I did that drawing,
  • I did the sketch;
  • after I finished editing and filming I had written my name a few times in a book just to really make sure that I
  • wasn't missing anything on such a grand scale.
  • And now that I've had some time to think about it and think about, is this pen worth it?
  • This pen is a total RIPOFF!
  • But you all knew that. The only
  • practical way I could see anybody using this is if you're one, beyond super rich and you're making a big
  • business deal in like Japan or something, selling your multi-million dollar company and
  • you're about to sign the
  • contract, or two, if you're Jeffree Star.
  • And like, what honest to God need would you have this for? Like maybe for like a college
  • graduation you would give somebody this, but I mean
  • even then they would probably much rather have the money, because they're probably in hella student debt, you know what I'm saying?
  • Maybe if you're like a pen connoisseur and you like to collect pens, then maybe then I could see why you would want this pen,
  • but I mean, other than that, the packaging, A+.
  • The presentation, A+.
  • But honestly, let's just say what this is:
  • this is just a novelty thing that the average every-single-day human being would never
  • get a real use out of. So honestly, if I had to pick between one of these and just keep buying refills
  • versus just using whatever random pen I have lying around the house and then use that for refills, I mean, it's obvious.
  • I'm very much gonna pick the BIC. So I'm gonna add this to the most ridiculous art supplies that I own. It's ridiculous, it's bougie,
  • it's by far the most expensive thing. It's fun to own a Gucci pen,
  • every time I sign a contract for the rest of my life, it's going down.
  • In the end, this is very much not worth the money. The quality was not that great.
  • I mean, even the casing itself had some deterioration on it, which I mean, that's a huge huge huge dock for what I paid.
  • I'm sure I could have got it for less if I would have placed a bid, but honestly...
  • trash.
  • It's not really. It's actually a lot of money for a stupid pen.
  • So anyway guys, if you like this video, I always feel so awkward saying this but if you like this, you know,
  • ehh... *laughs*
  • And if you want to see more videos where I waste my money, hit that subscribe button!
  • And to see all of my videos where I buy really ridiculous art supplies,
  • I will leave a playlist down below. And yeah with that being said, I will see you next video. Bye!
  • Oh, look who's coming to join us? Hold on guys. The video is not over. Come here, *beckons dog* cute doggy alert!
  • Cute doggy alert! We'll go to the park in a second, I just had to film this intro. Love you!
  • Okay, bye! *laughs*
  • *End music*

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