10 Ways to Look More Stylish | Stylist Tips

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Jun 15, 2018


10 Ways to Look More Stylish | Stylist Tips
10 Ways to Look More Stylish | Stylist Tips thumb 10 Ways to Look More Stylish | Stylist Tips thumb 10 Ways to Look More Stylish | Stylist Tips thumb


  • - Tips to help you look more stylish.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Hi, ladies.
  • It's Erin, and welcome back to my channel.
  • Through my channel, busbeestyle,
  • my goal is to help women just like you
  • who are busy juggling life
  • look like you have your act together, even if you don't.
  • Today I wanna share with you some tips
  • to help you look more stylish.
  • These are kinda my top 10 list,
  • these are essential, these are must-knows,
  • these are kind of like tools you can keep in your toolbox
  • when it comes to looking your best
  • and looking your most stylish.
  • I'm really excited to share these with you guys.
  • If you are new to my channel, hi, welcome.
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  • I've got 10 tips, but some bonus tips at the end,
  • so make sure you stick around and watch the whole video
  • so you catch those bonus tips.
  • But let's get started.
  • (bright music)
  • The first tip I wanna share with you is volume proportion,
  • and what I mean by volume proportion
  • is that if you wear something that is oversized on the top,
  • in contract, you should wear something
  • that is more tailored and fitted on your lower half.
  • For example, in this clip,
  • you can see that I'm wearing a pretty oversized,
  • off-the-shoulder top, that is your volume,
  • and then in contrast to that
  • I'm wearing a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans,
  • very fitted to the leg, to offset that volume.
  • If you're wearing a big, flowy skirt on your lower body,
  • then you're gonna wanna do something
  • a bit more tailored and fitted on the top.
  • Maybe it's a blazer, maybe it's a fitted cami,
  • maybe it's a tank, maybe it's a bodysuit.
  • If you're wearing really fitted skinny jeans or leggings,
  • you wanna think in terms of wearing something
  • a bit bigger on the top.
  • You just wanna get that proportion right,
  • and that is definitely one of the tips
  • that I think is just helpful
  • to kinda keep in the back of your mind
  • when you're getting dressed day in and day out.
  • (bright music)
  • The second tip I wanna share is to add a third layer.
  • I know that in the summer months when it's really hot,
  • that's gonna be difficult to do,
  • although you could do a sleeveless vest
  • or a sleeveless coat or jacket,
  • but in the fall, winter, spring months,
  • it's very easy to add that third layer.
  • It could be moto jacket like you see here,
  • it could be a cardigan, it could be a trench coat,
  • again, a sleeveless coat,
  • there are a lot of options, a blazer for your third layer.
  • That third layer is going to pull double duty.
  • It's going to help slim hips, butt, and thighs,
  • and it also creates a more stylish, cohesive look.
  • When you really wanna step up your game,
  • add a third layer.
  • (bright music)
  • The next tip is to mix your styles.
  • What do I mean by that?
  • I mean, if you're going to wear
  • really classic, basic pieces,
  • mix that with something that is more fashion-forward
  • and trendy.
  • Or if you're gonna wear something
  • that's over-the-top feminine, like a floral maxi skirt,
  • maybe try pairing that with something more edgy,
  • like a moto jacket.
  • So you can see here I've paired a white, cotton maxi dress
  • with an edgier moto jacket.
  • It's also volume proportion,
  • so the skirt part of that dress is so flowy and oversized,
  • and then the jacket is more fitted and tailored,
  • but it also has that contrast,
  • mixing styles between the feminine and the edgy.
  • (upbeat music)
  • The next tip to help you look more stylish
  • is to wear a monochromatic look,
  • and I'm showing you a look that is all black,
  • that does not mean you have to wear all black.
  • You could wear all white, you could wear neutrals,
  • you could wear blush, you could wear,
  • I've done an all yellow look.
  • Monochromatic just means all one color.
  • I'm showing you black
  • because that was what I was inspired by at the moment.
  • This is a pair of faux leather jeans
  • and a blazer with a really cool cami underneath,
  • and when you are doing an all one color look,
  • you wanna make sure that you try
  • to mix your tones and your textures.
  • So these are not all exact match blacks,
  • they're not the same color,
  • there's variations in those tones,
  • and then they're not the same textures.
  • I've got lace on the top,
  • I've got faux leather on the bottom.
  • It's a really great way to add some interest,
  • and depth, and texture to your look.
  • Taking that monochromatic look one step further,
  • think about dressing in a monochromatic look,
  • and then also adding those tones and those textures,
  • so if you're doing all white, for example,
  • maybe do ivory with bright white,
  • or if you're doing a blush look,
  • maybe you do different tones of blush in a look.
  • (bright music)
  • The next tip to help you look more stylish
  • is to add impactful jewelry,
  • and that does not necessarily mean
  • you're adding a huge statement piece,
  • although statement pieces are certainly very impactful,
  • but it can be more dainty jewelry, layered jewelry,
  • kind of like what I'm wearing right now
  • with the choker and this slightly longer bar necklace,
  • and then I have on dainty rings and hoop earrings.
  • You could do something like that,
  • or you can go the route of the statement jewelry.
  • If you are gonna do statement jewelry,
  • I'd say pick one piece, and then call it a day,
  • maybe it's a big, beautiful, layered pearl necklace
  • like this one,
  • or maybe it's a really cool choker necklace,
  • just one piece that really speaks to you
  • that will definitely elevate your whole look.
  • (bright music)
  • The next tip is so simple and easy,
  • and I feel like it's under-utilized,
  • and that's just to throw on a hat.
  • A hat will not only cover up bad hair,
  • but it will also make you look more stylish.
  • You could see I've just paired it
  • with a pair of basic jeans and a T-shirt,
  • and the whole look looks more cool and edgy
  • because of the hat, that's it, the hat.
  • Just have a hat handy
  • for those days where you need to just turn it up a notch,
  • and you don't have a lot of time to think about it.
  • (bright music)
  • The next thing you can do to add more style
  • is to add a really great handbag,
  • whether that's a very sophisticated,
  • elegant, structured handbag,
  • or whether that is a statement handbag.
  • So here is an example of both.
  • I've got a structured, white handbag,
  • this is a tote by Henri Bendel,
  • and then here's a statement bag,
  • it's a dupe for Cult Gaia bag,
  • Cult Gaia, not sure how you say it,
  • but you guys have seen this bag all over Instagram,
  • there's a reason why it's so popular,
  • because it does have a lot of impact and pop,
  • and it does stand out.
  • It definitely adds some excitement,
  • and interest, and style to your look.
  • (bright music)
  • The next tip I wanted to share are sleeves.
  • I wanna talk about sleeves!
  • So if you're wearing a long sleeve shirt,
  • you can easily roll up your sleeve
  • to make it look a little bit more effortless
  • and a little bit more stylish,
  • and there is an art form to the roll, okay,
  • so I'm gonna try to show you.
  • All you do is one big long cuff,
  • and then you cuff a second time, a much smaller cuff,
  • but you don't cuff it all the way
  • so that it's meeting the first cuff,
  • you leave some excess at the top.
  • With the excess, you fold that back over the second cuff.
  • That sounds really confusing, but it's not,
  • it's very simple.
  • And that's a great, strategic cuff to use.
  • Now, not every shirt is cuffable,
  • I mean, some are gonna be too tight around the arms,
  • but for those shirts that are on the looser side,
  • maybe it's a chambray shirt,
  • maybe it's a button-down, a silky button-down,
  • then use that cuff, employ that cuff.
  • It's a really great cuff.
  • You can also play around
  • with having your sleeves peep out from a blazer.
  • So you just kinda jish up your blazer sleeves,
  • and you let like a bell sleeve
  • or some sort of interesting printed sleeve
  • come out from the blazer,
  • or you can cuff the sleeve over the blazer sleeve
  • to make it almost look like the lining of that blazer.
  • So there are definitely things you can do
  • and think about with your sleeves.
  • If you have this really cool chiffon sleeve,
  • that could be peeping out from things.
  • Think about your sleeves and using those strategically.
  • Do use that cuff, and do think about
  • having those interesting sleeve details peep out.
  • (bright music)
  • The next tip I wanna share is the knot.
  • The knot can be used to do a couple different things.
  • It helps make the look a little bit more stylish,
  • but then it also can kind of suck up extra fabric.
  • So if you have a really oversized tee, for example,
  • and you feel like it's just kind of swallowing you up,
  • adding a knot will pull double duty.
  • It will add style, and it will also cinch the top
  • so it doesn't feel so oversized,
  • and it creates more of a waist for you.
  • You can use a knot for a regular T-shirt,
  • you can use a knot for a cotton or jersey maxi dress,
  • if it's a little bit too long on the bottom
  • you can knot it to make it shorter,
  • you can knot the waist to define the waist,
  • you can use knots in different ways,
  • it's just one of those things
  • that like you don't necessarily think about all the time,
  • but it's so easy and so simple to do.
  • I just wanna make sure that you guys have that one
  • in the back of your mind as well.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Kinda like the knot is the half tuck,
  • and it's sort of this effortless tuck.
  • You know, it's not the full tuck
  • where it's just so neat and tidy,
  • and then you've got your belt, and your jeans,
  • and everything's really classic,
  • and that's a really fine look,
  • but the half tuck just feels a little bit cooler,
  • a little bit edgier, a little bit more effortless,
  • and all you do really is just take a small section
  • of the front of your top or your tee,
  • and you just tuck it in.
  • So you just take one hand, that one section,
  • and tuck that section in.
  • You really want the back kinda hanging out,
  • you really want the side sorta hanging out,
  • you just want a tiny bit in the front tucked in,
  • and that could be to the side, it could be in the middle,
  • wherever you kind of feel like it looks right.
  • It's not gonna work for everybody,
  • so if you're carrying a lot of weight in your tummy,
  • it may be a really challenging thing to pull off,
  • but play around with it, see if it works for you,
  • because I do think it's a really nice way
  • to kinda create a waist, cinch the waist,
  • but also create that effortlessness about your look.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Okay, as promised, bonus tips!
  • So those were 10 of my top tips
  • to help you look more stylish,
  • but I wanna share a few more bonus tips,
  • and the first one is to drape,
  • just like I'm doing right now,
  • drape your blazer or your jacket,
  • your moto jacket, or your trench,
  • over your shoulders instead of actually wearing it.
  • This is really nice when you're at a restaurant
  • and it's just a little bit chilly,
  • or you're at an event
  • and you've got a coat or jacket with you
  • and you don't necessarily wanna,
  • you feel like it, I don't know,
  • might compromise your look a little bit,
  • and you just wanna drape it over your shoulders.
  • It has a very elegant look about it,
  • and it looks very stylish,
  • and it looks like you know what you're doing.
  • Also, you should definitely have a tailor at the ready,
  • tailoring your garment.
  • Even the smallest tailoring detail
  • can definitely make your overall look more stylish,
  • it can make your look more expensive and lux looking.
  • That could be hemlines, it could be nipping in at the waist,
  • it could be nipping in a bust,
  • it could be whatever little modifications you might need,
  • make sure you have a good tailor.
  • Definitely care for your clothes in the right way.
  • You're gonna get a lot more bang for your buck
  • if you properly take care of your clothes.
  • When in doubt, just wash something in cold,
  • on gentle, with a very gentle detergent,
  • and then lay it flat to dry or hang it to dry.
  • Do not dry it.
  • That's what I do pretty much with everything,
  • except for a few key dry clean only pieces,
  • but most of the things that I have that I care about,
  • or I don't want to shrink,
  • or I don't want them to lose color,
  • or I don't want them to lose shape,
  • I wash them in cold, gentle detergent,
  • and then I do not dry them.
  • It's worth it,
  • because you spend all this money on your clothes,
  • and if you wanna keep 'em looking nice,
  • you have to take care of them.
  • Another little tip is to stand up straight.
  • I know we all have a tendency to kinda hunch,
  • but if you walk around just sort of straight,
  • shoulders back, you're going to just look more,
  • not only more authoritative, but more confident,
  • and more stylish.
  • It's going to really look like
  • you just have more of an elegance
  • and sophistication about you
  • if you are walking with your head high,
  • your shoulders back, standing up straight.
  • And then the last thing I wanted to mention is confidence.
  • The most important thing to having great style,
  • the most important thing that you can do
  • or the most helpful thing that you can do
  • to improve your style is to have confidence,
  • and that includes smiling a lot,
  • and that includes carrying yourself a certain way,
  • and that includes eye contact,
  • and that includes just feeling really good
  • about who you are, where you are, in your own skin,
  • and that will make anything look fabulous.
  • Those were the bonus tips, guys.
  • I hope you enjoyed 'em.
  • I will put links to things that I featured
  • that are still available below in the description box
  • for you guys to check out if you're interested at all.
  • Do let me know if you have any questions at all.
  • Again, if you haven't subscribed to my channel already,
  • I hope you will subscribe,
  • and also, over on the website, busbeestyle.com,
  • I have all different content over there,
  • so be sure to go check that out.
  • Thank you guys so much again for watching,
  • I hope that was helpful,
  • and I will see ya next time.
  • Bye.
  • (bright music)

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