10 Things YOU FORGET TO DO On Bloxburg | SunsetSafari

Jul 27, 2019


10 Things YOU FORGET TO DO On Bloxburg | SunsetSafari
10 Things YOU FORGET TO DO On Bloxburg | SunsetSafari thumb 10 Things YOU FORGET TO DO On Bloxburg | SunsetSafari thumb 10 Things YOU FORGET TO DO On Bloxburg | SunsetSafari thumb


♥Open Me♥

Hey Safarians, In today's video I decided to show bring to your attention "10 Things You Forget To Do On Bloxburg" I thought that this would be a very interesting video considering the fact that I forget to do some of these things A LOT! I hope you guys enjoy this video and make sure to comment down below in the comment sections if you forget to do these things on Bloxburg often also!

Disclaimer : This video was filmed by SunsetSafari (Me) on the platform Roblox. All other video concerns are listed below that include: The music I used, The platform I used to create the thumbnail, The platforms I used to film and edit the video. I hope to use my voice more very soon in my video!

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