$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger

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Aug 18, 2019


$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger
$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger thumb $10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger thumb $10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger thumb


  • - Hey, Steven!
  • What's up, man?
  • - What's going on?
  • - Today's your lucky day.
  • I cleared out your entire schedule
  • because we're going on a food adventure.
  • Does this sound familiar?
  • - I don't think you have the authority
  • to clear my entire schedule.
  • - Oh, I do.
  • - Hey, Keith!
  • What's up, man?
  • Oh my gosh.
  • - What's going on?
  • - Today's your lucky day.
  • I cleared out your entire schedule,
  • and we're gonna go on a food adventure.
  • - You don't have the authority
  • to clear out my schedule. - No, I did, don't worry.
  • Bring your bread, let's go.
  • - Writing my initials on Nutella.
  • - First two episodes of Worth It ever
  • were with Keith Habersberger.
  • Episode one sushi, episode two burgers.
  • I was not there.
  • So today, we're doing sushi and burgers in one episode.
  • - Can I just quickly pay tribute to Keith Habersberger?
  • - Yeah, sure.
  • - Keith, we love you.
  • ♪ I don't wanna go anywhere else without you ♪
  • ♪ Clouds will fall ♪
  • ♪ The sun won't shine ♪
  • - All right, let's go.
  • - Today on Worth It, we're gonna be trying
  • three burger and sushi combinations
  • to find out which one is the most worth it at its price.
  • I think this is a very interesting niche of restaurants
  • that offer both sushi and burgers.
  • It exists, it's a real thing.
  • - I love sushi, obviously, I love burgers.
  • Together?
  • - Here's the thing that'll sell you on it.
  • Our last stop is a restaurant operated
  • by possibly the best sushi chef in the United States.
  • He actually invented a new way of cooking burgers.
  • - Okay.
  • - So now we're on our way to see Jun
  • at Kings Burger and Got Sushi,
  • which is actually a sushi bar inside of a burger joint.
  • He's going to show us some of his sushi,
  • some of his burgers.
  • It's a thing, I'm telling you, sushi and burgers.
  • - Well, it's in the title.
  • - Potato and potato.
  • - No, those are the exact same things,
  • just pronounced differently.
  • - Tomato and potato.
  • (upbeat music)
  • - This was my dad's burger joint for 20 years,
  • but since fast food chains coming into this area,
  • he was having a hard time.
  • - You just thought to add sushi
  • to your father's burger business.
  • - I worked for Sushi Roku, Katana.
  • Lot of people told me, you should close out the burger
  • and just do the sushi because that's what you're good at.
  • In my belief, as long as you can present good food out,
  • no matter what combination that is,
  • no matter how funny that is, definitely it'll work.
  • We strictly use Faroe Island salmon, which is higher grade.
  • Just the rice and fish,
  • but it's a really good salmon, good rice,
  • and then that makes good nigiri sushi.
  • - And so when people come, is it typically one or the other?
  • - Oh, definitely both together.
  • That's the best way to eat over here.
  • First, they start off with the sushi
  • and then burgers as dessert.
  • (everyone laughing)
  • We just keep the basics simple.
  • House-made Thousand Island with the hand picked vegetables,
  • serving on CAB patty, Certified Angus Beef,
  • lightly seasoned with salt and pepper, cheese.
  • - This is a Korean family,
  • an American classic, and a Japanese food.
  • It's the American dream.
  • - [Jun] Exactly.
  • Jr. Cheeseburger and Salmon Nigiri.
  • - I like it.
  • - Hot tea.
  • - Can you believe we're getting this quality of sushi
  • in this diner in Northridge?
  • - Cheers, Steven.
  • - Oh no!
  • - You got smashed.
  • Mm.
  • - This is crazy good.
  • - The sushi is exactly what you want
  • from a casual sushi experience.
  • - I think about Sushi Stop
  • as one of the pioneers for affordable sushi.
  • - Right. - I won't say
  • they're doing a better job,
  • but they're kinda doing a better.
  • - Yeah. - Yeah.
  • - They're riding in the same lane.
  • Let's burger it up.
  • Isn't that a picture?
  • That's like a thing that grandmas say.
  • Aren't you just a picture?
  • - Soft.
  • Pillowy.
  • - Let's bump buns.
  • (relaxing music)
  • Have you ever thought about having wasabi on a burger?
  • - Wow, in what universe does this happen?
  • - Northridge universe. (both laughing)
  • - All right, this is gonna blow my nose out
  • but let's do it.
  • - [Andrew] Yeah.
  • - Oh!
  • - There's no reason why that wouldn't go.
  • - That is perfect.
  • - It's like having a spicy mustard on a sandwich.
  • That's a weird happening here.
  • And now that I've eaten half a cheeseburger,
  • I can have some more sushi.
  • - [Steven] Adam, do you want this sushi?
  • - You could soy sauce your burger.
  • - That's really good.
  • (Andrew laughs)
  • - [Jun] Next we're gonna try our famous King's Burger
  • and then a Kanpachi three-way.
  • Our King's Burger is a cheeseburger
  • with tons of pastrami on top of the cheeseburger.
  • - Wow. - (chuckles) Yeah.
  • I mean, what can we say more about that?
  • We serve three pieces of Kanpachi.
  • - [Andrew] And this is your creation.
  • - [Jun] Yeah, I had a American cuisine background,
  • and I wanted to add that into the sushi
  • 'cause I thought that's the great way
  • to present my sushi in a special way.
  • - This looks like a dish I would get
  • at a omakase restaurant.
  • - Each piece is seasoned, ready to go.
  • You don't have to do nothing.
  • - Okay, the jalapeno one.
  • (lighthearted music)
  • - Jalapenos.
  • - Whoa.
  • - Very buttery.
  • - The Yuzu one is the one I wanna try the most.
  • (lighthearted music)
  • - Mm. - Oh yeah!
  • Brightens, so they just--
  • - Lemony fresh.
  • - Little meals coming to my mouth.
  • Last one is the smoked.
  • (lighthearted music)
  • Oh! - Mm!
  • Oh yeah.
  • It's a completely different preparation of the Kampachi.
  • And now the main course.
  • - Boom.
  • (lighthearted music)
  • This makes sense.
  • Good food makes sense.
  • - That's right.
  • Good food will always be good.
  • (whimsical music)
  • - Sushi and burger.
  • - Sitting in a tree.
  • - You know that phrase,
  • Jack of all trades, master of none?
  • Well, apparently, you can be jack of two trades
  • and master of both
  • (Adam and Andrew laughing) 'cause that was amazing.
  • Sushi and burger fact!
  • - It's actually just a burger fact.
  • (cymbals ringing)
  • - There are two popular dishes that can technically be
  • translated as hamburger in Japan.
  • One is the beef patty in a bun, which is called hanbaga.
  • The other is a pan-fried beef patty more closely resembling
  • a Hamburg steak and is called hanbagu.
  • This version is often served with sauce and steamed rice.
  • That is literally like a sushi burger.
  • - Those two dishes are a part
  • of that Yoshoku Japanese cuisine
  • that we learned about back in our eggs video.
  • - Wow.
  • That is both a fact, a throwback, and vocab.
  • - That's the double episode tree.
  • So, on our way to our next restaurant,
  • we're seeing Charles and Courtney,
  • who run Ototo, a sake bar,
  • which actually does not serve sushi.
  • - What?
  • - They serve a burger and a raw fish dish, crudo.
  • It may seem like I'm cutting corners here,
  • but this is actually the best representation
  • of raw fish and burgers next to each other on a menu.
  • Trust me.
  • (jazz music)
  • - The word ototo means little brother in Japanese.
  • It is the little brother of our other restaurant,
  • Tsubaki, right next door.
  • - Where does this cat come from?
  • I have to ask.
  • I'm personally obsessed with cats,
  • I have a little cat myself.
  • - If the cat has no connection to the name,
  • we wanted to make it feel casual,
  • and homey, and felt approachable.
  • I think sometimes sake can be a little intimidating.
  • We try to take some of the mystery out of sake
  • and make it really fun, and just get people drinking it.
  • The characters for Izakaya literally translate
  • to stay sake place.
  • The food is built to taste good with sake and beer.
  • - The idea is to have smaller plates that complement sake.
  • And all the way at the end, I have the dish to sober you up.
  • We use some crudo.
  • - Which is raw fish, but not sushi.
  • - Typically, in Izakaya, you're not eating sushi
  • 'cause the rice takes up a lot of valuable space
  • that could be used for drinking.
  • - For drinking, right. - Ah!
  • - [Charles] The fish is diced hirame, which is a fluke.
  • It's mixed with rakkyo,
  • which is a Japanese shallot that we pickle.
  • It's finished with Yuzu juice, and Yuzu oil,
  • lemon zest, mix that together, and that's a crudo.
  • (smooth music) (cash register rings)
  • - What kinda sake would you recommend with the crudo?
  • - Because it is a raw fish,
  • we don't want anything too strong.
  • Right now, my number one pairing is Taka,
  • a Tokubetsu Junmai from Yamaguchi in Western Japan.
  • Lot of nice minerality to it, really fresh and crisp.
  • - Come on, this coaster.
  • You can see a little cat face through your glass.
  • A little cat face.
  • - Cheers.
  • (smooth jazz music)
  • - That's so tasty.
  • - Wait, I'm still trying to figure out what this is.
  • Apples and lemons lightly brushing against your tongue.
  • (Steven laughing) - Wow.
  • I'm trying to picture the scenario
  • where you are lightly brushing fruit against your tongue
  • and does not make me wanna drink some.
  • - No, taste it.
  • Whoa, you could perform a surgery with these chopsticks.
  • - Very thin and light, I like that a lot.
  • You know what I like about this visually?
  • It kinda reminds me of potato salad.
  • - Yeah.
  • (smooth jazz music)
  • Okay, I love it.
  • This is my kinda dish.
  • - This feels like something that I can eat and drink
  • even if I wasn't hungry,
  • because it's just a little bowl of flavor.
  • - [Steven] It's like chips.
  • - [Andrew] Yeah, you just pop it.
  • - Boom!
  • - The little pickled shallot,
  • I just wanna buy a jar of that, scoop it into my mouth.
  • - You and pickles.
  • - Pickles are the best.
  • When I die, pickle me.
  • - Ooh, these are nice chopsticks.
  • - Yeah.
  • - Oh, that's good.
  • - [Andrew] You guys have this burger.
  • - [Charles] Yeah, the inspiration comes from MOS Burger.
  • - [Courtney] It's the second largest fast food franchise
  • in Japan after McDonald's.
  • It's huge.
  • - Whoa! - There was a guy
  • that lived in Los Angeles, he loved Tommy's burger.
  • - [Andrew] Which is famous
  • for their chili cheeseburger, right?
  • - [Charles] Yeah, right, right,
  • and he brought the idea to Japan.
  • It's a sweeter chili, more tomatoes,
  • a little more taste of the Japanese palate.
  • (smooth jazz music) (cash register rings)
  • - Gotta get some sake to go with that.
  • This is a Honjozo Genshu,
  • undiluted, so it's basically a cask strength sake.
  • A little more power, a little more alcohol,
  • rich flavors and aromas.
  • - [Steven] Look at this burger, oh.
  • (groovy music)
  • - That is good. (chuckles)
  • I've actually never had a chili burger before this moment.
  • - What?
  • That's absurd.
  • It works! - Yeah!
  • It seems unnecessary, I don't know.
  • - You need to go to the Midwest.
  • This is very reminiscent of my cafeteria days.
  • Chili is good on everything.
  • - This is a sick combo.(chuckles)
  • (smooth jazz music)
  • So the chili has a very strong taste.
  • The sake is standing up to it.
  • My burger is gone.
  • I feel like I didn't say anything about it,
  • but that's how you know it's really good,
  • when you shut up and eat.
  • - Next food show, Shut Up and Eat.
  • (Andrew laughs)
  • That's Adam's iteration.
  • (Adam chuckling)
  • - Okay, driver, take us away.
  • (everyone laughs)
  • - [Annie] Oh, god.
  • - [Andrew] That Annie in that cockpit.
  • - Hey, how come you don't have
  • some gum and mints back here, Annie?
  • - Yeah, What's the deal? - Tip me.
  • - So, that does it for Los Angeles.
  • We've sort of exhausted our sushi and burger restaurants.
  • - You do realize we've only actually,
  • technically been to one?
  • - It's a niche market, Steven.
  • That's what makes it good.
  • So, now we're on our way to New York City.
  • - My favorite city in the world.
  • New York, baby.
  • We have made it back to my hometown.
  • Big Apple Steve is here.
  • - You lived here for one year.
  • - Yeah.
  • - We're going to a restaurant
  • that in some ways inspired this whole video.
  • But before we get to that.
  • - Burger fact! (cymbals ringing)
  • - The Library of Congress
  • credits Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut,
  • with selling the first hamburger in the US.
  • They serve a ground beef patty between two slices of toast.
  • The restaurant opened in 1895.
  • - So, the first hamburger wasn't even on a bun.
  • Look how far we've come,
  • now we've got burgers and sushi.
  • When did they start putting cheese on it?
  • - The cheeseburger likely dates back
  • to around the 1920s in Los Angeles but it's debatable.
  • (triumphant music)
  • - Gotcha.
  • So, the burger is a thing that has always been evolving.
  • The next restaurant--
  • - The next restaurant we're going to--
  • - Continues that theme of innovation.
  • We're on our way to Tetsu,
  • which is the casual restaurant of famous sushi chef, Masa.
  • His main restaurant here in New York City,
  • around $595 for a single seat.
  • - Wait, why aren't we going there?
  • - 'Cause we have to have a burger too.
  • You can only get his burger at Tetsu.
  • (smooth techno music)
  • So, what kind of restaurant is Tetsu?
  • - Tetsu is more casual Japanese dining,
  • which is a lot about grill.
  • - Robata grill.
  • What is that?
  • - Robata means actually the all-the-way Japanese house.
  • Every house has the fire pit around the coal robata,
  • around the fire.
  • That's the way we do a long counter facing to all the grill.
  • - I've heard so much about your main restaurant.
  • I wonder if this restaurant was, for you,
  • a way to have a little more fun.
  • - Yeah.
  • - Yeah? - Yeah.
  • Masa is more focused only the sushi.
  • Here is more lots of variety.
  • This is what I like on a day off,
  • and I'm enjoying all of the different stuff.
  • - [Andrew] Oh, interesting.
  • So this is more of the day off
  • style of dining. - Exactly!
  • - [Andrew] And it's a little more accessible too, right?
  • - Oh yeah, very much.
  • My place is kind of a $600 start but here is a burger, $24.
  • - [Andrew] What's the one sushi dish
  • that we should have at Tetsu?
  • - Toro, Masa Toro.
  • Well-known, very famous one.
  • We do just finely scrape it,
  • very fine like a tartar seaweed and the fatty tuna.
  • - Do you feel like your burger is better
  • because of all your sushi experience?
  • - Yeah, but I love burger.
  • (everyone laughing)
  • That's more of two things.
  • - [Andrew] How did you get interested in cooking burgers?
  • - [Masa] Seven years ago,
  • I started making more cast iron stuff.
  • - So, you started working with--
  • - I designed it.
  • - Oh wow.
  • - I would design the other location's cast iron pot.
  • I smoke cigar, I saw the ashtray was shaped like a burger.
  • - [Steven] So, the idea came from an ashtray.
  • - [Masa] Ashtray, yeah.
  • Put together like a shell, it works.
  • Most burger, they cook in the flat pan,
  • getting thinner, thinner, thinner, and get dry, right?
  • Cast iron's intensive hot create the crispiness
  • between the meat and the fat.
  • - [Andrew] The spikes are cooking it
  • from the inside as well?
  • - Through, yes, exactly.
  • - [Andrew] So the Masa burger that we're trying today,
  • what comes on that?
  • - [Masa] Beef with the American cheddar.
  • - [Andrew] So, it's just bun, patty, cheese?
  • - That's it, no veggies.
  • That's what I like.
  • Also, bun is special bun.
  • We make it downstairs.
  • Very, nice, moist, and the top is crispy.
  • Also, we do grill same time with patty.
  • - [Steven] What are the correlations between making sushi
  • and making the burger?
  • - When you make sushi quickly, there's a key,
  • quickly made sushi's best.
  • My cast iron, also the same thing.
  • Close it, (buzzes), open it, done.
  • After that, you're gonna smoke it
  • with the good cedar chopsticks.
  • - Oh, wow! - We wash after customer use.
  • - [Andrew] So, it's the old, recycled chopsticks--
  • - Exactly! - Are being used
  • for the smoking.
  • That's very cool.
  • What beverage do you think we should have
  • with our toro roll and our burger?
  • - You know what?
  • What I like normally, martini.
  • - [Andrew] Ooh!
  • - Bombay Sapphire martini for start,
  • then I call it gasoline.
  • Everybody there knows make us most on the rocks.
  • This is my gasoline.
  • You can enjoy part of the Masa,
  • and you can enjoy burger part of Tetsu.
  • You can do both.
  • - Cheers, Steven.
  • - Cheers.
  • - Season six finale.
  • (glasses clinking) Whoa!
  • So, we're drinking martinis as Chef Masa would dry,
  • olives on the side.
  • - Yes.
  • - Oh! (laughs) - Oh!
  • I got you.
  • - Nice save.
  • (romantic music)
  • - Mm, so we did not come in here planning
  • to get the foie gras nigiri.
  • - No. - Chef suggested it.
  • - [Andrew] So, nigiri made over at the sushi bar,
  • seared it with an iron out of the grill.
  • - [Steven] That iron was crazy, by the way.
  • - [Andrew] Yeah, this whole thing is crazy.
  • - [Steven] That's true.
  • Okay, I'm just gonna use my hands.
  • - Cheers, Steven. - Cheers.
  • (romantic music)
  • - [Andrew] Mm.
  • - [Steven] Wow, that is insane.
  • Ooh.
  • The foie gras just instantly disappeared in my mouth.
  • It was basically just a ball of rice saturated with fat.
  • - A lot of fat.
  • Speaking of fat, we have fatty tuna.
  • Cheers. (romantic music)
  • Oh.
  • - Oh yeah.
  • Easily the best roll I've ever had.
  • Yeah.
  • Normally, you eat a sushi roll,
  • it still feels like a cylinder in your mouth.
  • This disappears into a cloud of sushi.
  • - All right, I'm gonna do a little of this soy sauce.
  • (romantic music)
  • Tuna is my favorite fish.
  • Toro, obviously the best-- - It's 'cause you're bougie.
  • - What? Tuna's not bougie.
  • - (chuckles) What? - Have you ever been
  • to the grocery store?
  • - Have you seen a tuna?
  • Adam, you want some?
  • - Whoa! - Oh!
  • - Give me a descriptor.
  • - Tastes like soy sauce.
  • - Okay, okay.
  • Now we're gonna throw some gasoline on the fire
  • and eat a burger.
  • Cheers, Steven.
  • - Cheers! (glass clinking)
  • (traditional drum music)
  • - Did Chef Masa make these dishes?
  • - [Server] Oh yeah, he did.
  • - He did? - He made these?
  • (playful music)
  • - Can't the guy get any cooler?
  • The smell is ridiculous. - Ah!
  • (playful music)
  • (Steven grunts)
  • - [Andrew] Wow.
  • - I feel the most glutinous I've ever felt
  • in my entire life.
  • Look at that smoke coming out.
  • This is sinful.
  • - Taking a bite out of this thing,
  • you don't desire any sauce, or condiments, or anything.
  • It's just good on its own.
  • - On the way here,
  • I was super nervous, we're gonna see Chef Masa,
  • we're going to see Chef Masa,
  • and then we walk in and the guy's in a hoodie.
  • - Right.
  • I think it's true of all the best food, it's disarming.
  • You immediately forget that you're anywhere
  • except somewhere eating delicious foods.
  • That was exactly what I wanted.
  • - And I'm full.
  • - You are a fool.
  • - I'm full. - Oh.
  • - Merry, we go on our way.
  • (Steven laughs)
  • - Take the gasoline away, no.
  • All right, cut.
  • (Steven chuckles)
  • - Have you ever seen a burger prepared that way before?
  • - I've never seen any other food prepared that way.
  • It was an actual medieval iron maiden
  • to cook a cheeseburger.
  • - Well. - Wow.
  • - Andrew, which sushi and burger spot
  • was most worth it to you at this given price?
  • - My Worth It Winner is Got Sushi and Kings Burger.
  • - [Steven] No way!
  • - You can go in for just one or the other,
  • be totally satisfied,
  • or you get both and have the best time of your life.
  • - My Worth It Winner goes to Tetsu.
  • - [Andrew] Whoa!
  • - [Steven] Was anybody surprised though?
  • - No, you're a fancy boy.
  • - No, I'm not a fancy boy.
  • We just ate at a restaurant
  • with one of the most esteemed sushi chefs in the world,
  • but I was more excited to eat the burger.
  • Adam?
  • - [Adam] Ototo's burger and the Tetsu sushi.
  • - That is totally fair in this episode.
  • - Wow. - The one time
  • I will let you cheat.
  • - Annie, who's your Worth It Winner?
  • (jazz music)
  • - Tetsu.
  • - Season six?
  • - That's a wrap.
  • I just wanna say thank you
  • to everybody who makes this show possible.
  • All you see is the head of this thing.
  • In the unhinged jaw
  • that devours all of the food in its path,
  • much like an anaconda do.
  • (both laughing)
  • - [Steven] We have an edit team, we have a production team,
  • we have a legal team, we have our research team.
  • All the teams at BuzzFeed,
  • thank you to all those people.
  • We really couldn't do it without y'all.
  • (jazz music)

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