10 Most Amazing LAMBO of All Time

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Jul 28, 2019


10 Most Amazing LAMBO of All Time
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Many people are familiar with the name Lamborghini, but there are few who know the history behind this automotive legend and the automobiles that the company produced. But it might come as a surprise that the company didn’t always produce the famous sports cars that many people know and love. In fact, Ferruccio Lamborghini founded Lamborghini Trattori in 1948 and the company produced farming tractors. The interesting thing about this is that metal and materials were so scarce after the war, that Ferruccio had to use discarded war materials to produce its first tractors. Despite this, these tractors had significant and innovative mechanisms such as a fuel atomizer that allowed the farm tractors to be started with regular gasoline and then switch to diesel fuel. And by the way, Lamborghini Trattori still exists today and they make some awesome machines like the Lamborghini Premium 1050 and the awesome looking Lamborghini R6.150 - But we're not here to talk about tractors, we want the automobiles and supercars that make us all wish we had a million bucks to spend. So join us as we take a look at the history of Automobili Lamborghini and the amazing cars they have built through the years.