10 "Heroes" Who Did Awful Things

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Mar 26, 2019


10 "Heroes" Who Did Awful Things
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  • ten heroes who did awful things number ten Albert Einstein with his theory of
  • relativity Albert Einstein laid the foundations upon which most of modern
  • physics is based later in his life he also became a vocal advocate for civil
  • rights in the US describing racism as a disease of white
  • people in 1946 but 20 years earlier he had considerably more questionable
  • feelings on the matter in 2018 the German physicists tribal
  • Diaries were published written between 1922 and 1923 the Diaries included
  • several racist sexist and xenophobic sentiments specifically a deep distaste
  • for Chinese people he described the Chinese as industrious filthy obtuse
  • people and the nation as peculiar and herd-like but the real brunt of
  • Einsteins cruelty was brought upon his first wife on top of his regular affairs
  • he also saw her with a grueling to-do list of wifely duties the list decreed
  • that millibar Moritz was to expect no affection from and renounce all personal
  • relations with her husband unless necessary for social reasons moorage
  • even had to stop talking and leave the room the moment he asked but sadly
  • despite Einsteins actions it's quite difficult to point out physics number
  • nine Steve Jobs and the helm of Apple Steve Jobs revolutionized and
  • reinvigorated at the world of consumer technology it's not always clear what he
  • actually did at Apple but he brought them back from near bankruptcy to
  • eventually become the world's first trillion-dollar public company Jobs
  • holds an almost godlike status in the world of tech bar to this regard
  • frequently came at the expense of those closest to him Jobs famously cheated
  • friend and co-founder Steve Wozniak out of payment for an Atari game he built
  • but he acted the worst towards his daughter Lisa I say daughter because
  • that was the official result of a DNA test Jobs took after years of denying
  • Lisa was his Jobs even lied in a deposition that he was infertile camión
  • Time magazine the twenty-eight percent of the male population of the United
  • States could be the caller once it was scientifically proven that Lisa was his
  • he started paying $500 a month in child support but for that figure didn't even
  • change days later when in public and jobs valuation rose above
  • 200 million dollars while Lisa and her mother survived off welfare payments
  • number eights Helen Keller after an illness resulted in the loss of her
  • sight and hearing when she was just 19 months old
  • Helen Keller went on to become one of the most inspirational figures in
  • history she learned words through touch and
  • became the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor's degree Keller was also
  • a prolific campaigner for women's suffrage labor rights anti militarism
  • and the rights of disabled people but for all of her progressive ideals for a
  • time Keller had a considerably darker stance on disability in 1915 Keller came
  • out in support from eugenics specifically she believes the children
  • born with disabilities that restricted them from contributing to society
  • weren't owed the same right to life as others she claims that puny
  • sentimentalism had obscured the truth that human life was only sacred if it
  • had used to itself and to the world she suggested that in the case of paralyzed
  • unthinking creatures a jury of physicians should convene to dictate
  • whether the child at a right to life if not Keller described Assad's death as
  • the reading of the human garden thankfully though Keller later wrote
  • articles denouncing this survival of the fittest mentality number seven George
  • Washington according to legend America's first president was unable to tell a lie
  • but George Washington's rose-tinted legacy was as factually accurate as his
  • wooden teeth Washington was famously so humble that he rejected a salary of
  • $15,000 a year when appointed as commander-in-chief of the Continental
  • Army instead he only asked that his living
  • expenses were covered during this time of service nice bite right well this
  • selfless act saw Washington rack up a $6,000 alcohol budget in just seven
  • months around 75 times the annual salary of the privates at that time and 110,000
  • dollars adjusted for inflation the continental congress also footed the
  • bill for a $3,800 retreat to New Jersey numerous financial loans for his friends
  • crates of limes and a play he put on for his birthday now this is a gross misuse
  • of funds already but what's worse is that Washington did all the
  • his army starved severely lacking in food and supplies one sick for the
  • American army died at the Valley Forge in Pennsylvania with Washington
  • suggesting they forage for food in surrounding towns and cities all while I
  • live lavishly on the American diet number six mother Teresa in 2016
  • Pope Francis officially declared Mother Teresa as a saint a title that requires
  • two miracles to be performed for this Teresa cured two people of their tumors
  • this has been heavily disputed by doctors who actually worked on the case
  • but otherwise it's generally agreed that she was a pretty good person
  • well in fact Mother Teresa's charity work has faced widespread criticism from
  • those who witnessed it 4-1 critics like Christopher Hitchens have
  • accused this who've been largely self-serving and mostly a front for
  • recruitment for the Catholic Church she built churches in third world regions
  • that really needed hospitals and even when she formed the missionaries of
  • charity in Calcutta supposedly to help the sick and dying the conditions often
  • may patients suffer more needles were reused the rooms were dirty and under
  • stops and one documentary even compared photos of the missionaries to the ones
  • of bergen-belsen concentration camp she described the patients suffering as
  • beautiful but received quality medical care herself which explains why it's
  • estimated that only 7% of the millions of dollars in donations went to
  • charitable causes and most of these donations came from famously corrupt
  • politicians and dictators number five Chris Kyle the most deadly sniper in US
  • history a decorated Navy SEAL and the subjects of an oscar-nominated biopic
  • Chris Kyle is frequently hailed as an American hero after four tours in Iraq
  • cold edek ated himself to helping disabled veterans and those suffering
  • from PTSD but in his best-selling autobiography Kyle made some disturbing
  • revelations in the book Coe describes how he loved killing and talked about
  • how fun he found it you'd hope that Kyle Butte is 160 confirmed kills as a
  • necessary evil in wartime Byrd's his book simply explained how he hated the
  • Iraqi people who he described as damn savages that he didn't give a
  • word for sex about but as disturbing as is to think that Kyle had such a hatred
  • for those he was sent to protect it didn't seem to stop when he returned
  • home he claimed that after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans
  • he took a perch atop of the Superdome and killed roughly thirty meters with
  • his rifle this has heavily been called into question but it does paint a
  • troubling picture of the American Hero especially after he himself bragged
  • about looting Araki homes number four John Lennon revered by some as the
  • greatest songwriter at all time John Lennon's mantra of peace also made him a
  • personal hero for many but Lennon rarely practiced what he preached Lennon was an
  • abusive father to his first son Julian who he would smack for as little as a
  • bad table manners this was all before he abandoned him at age five to start a new
  • family with Yoko Ono a serial cheater Leonard had met Ono when he was with his
  • first wife Cynthia and proceeded to cheat on Ono with his assistant as if
  • his constant Affairs weren't enough for the women in his life to enjoy Lennon
  • was also a famed domestic abuser he hid both of his wives but also in his
  • own words any woman that's right this isn't just an accusation made against
  • her dead rock star Lennon openly discusses his abuse in fact just two
  • days before he died he spoke to playboy about it he explained it is the most
  • violent people who go for love and peace essentially that's just a poetic way of
  • saying he's an abusive hypocrite number three ulysses s grant America's 18th
  • president isn't remembered as one of the country's best commanders-in-chief bard
  • sig ulysses s grant made his mark on American history as the commanding
  • general of the Union Army during America's Civil War this was
  • instrumental in the freeing of America's slaves not all of them Burton that's
  • another story however while grant is seen as a pivotal
  • figure in the freeing of four million slaves is much less documented exactly
  • what he wanted to do with him although he believed that African Americans
  • shouldn't live in indentured servitude he also didn't think that the freedmen
  • kurtal should integrate into American society to solve this Brown devised a
  • plan to annex the Dominican Republic not a cost of 1.6 million dollars and
  • literally just sent all the there he even got the country's
  • president on board with the promise of $100,000 and had famed anti-slavery
  • Senator Charles Sumner sign off on the ridiculous scheme thankfully some inner
  • source sense and form of the Treaty which failed to pass the Senate then
  • throwing the time.he ban Hebrews from three states and he's not exactly the
  • roast of Champions history pays lass number two Gandhi having led his country
  • to independence from colonialism Gandhi's title as India's greatest
  • leader seems untouchable but one book about his early years in South Africa
  • has claimed that Gandhi was a vocal racist and supporter of segregation the
  • authors of the South African can be claimed that he believed power should
  • remain in white hands they also claimed Gandhi used to rocketry terms for black
  • Africans and was strongly that they didn't mix with in news if this sounds
  • kind of hypocritical wait until you hear Gandhi's approach to the chastity be
  • preached according to biographer Chad Adams Gandhi was somewhat of a sex
  • addict even leaving his father's deathbed to sleep with his
  • sixteen-year-old wife at 38 he officially about chastity and implored
  • the Indian people to take cold baths if they ever felt the urge to break their
  • own celibacy buds Gandhi wanted to test his own commanders to chastity which he
  • did by sharing his bread with naked girls often there was several at a time
  • mostly teenagers up to 60 years his junior and even his own grannies surely
  • there are better ways to prove your adorable will number one Winston
  • Churchill Winston Churchill is freed Willy hailed as a British hero for
  • having stayed the country to victory in the Second World War the Prime Minister
  • is remembered for his rousing speeches and sharp wit but overseas his legacy
  • isn't quite so spotless in fact he's pretty much personally
  • responsible for the deaths of around 3 million people in 1943 the Bengal region
  • of British India faced one of the most devastating famines in history primarily
  • due to British occupation but instead of taking responsibility
  • Churchill intentionally diverted food supplies away from India to supply the
  • British forces serving across Europe but not only was there no shortage of
  • food in this period Churchill had already rejected American Canadian
  • office of food supplies for the troops Churchill's reasoning was his disdain
  • for the beastly people of India who he believed had brought famine upon
  • themselves by bleeding like rabbits after this legacy his love of chemical
  • warfare support for sterilization of the inferior and he 150,000 Kenyans he kept
  • in gulags and he doesn't sound far off the guy he was brought in to get rid of
  • so that was ten heroes who did awful things which one surprised you the most
  • can you think of any others who should add to our list let us know in the
  • comments below and if you liked this video check out the length or contents
  • video which is on screen now

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These historical figures have always been lauded as heroes, with their best moments in life being spoken about constantly. But what about their darker sides? These are 10 "Heroes" Who Did Awful Things...

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