10 Disturbing Police Discoveries

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Mar 07, 2019


10 Disturbing Police Discoveries
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  • ten disturbing police discoveries number ten soundproof room in May of 2015
  • Norwegian police arrested an anonymous man on suspicion of attempting to abduct
  • children according to a judge on up to fifty occasions between 2011 and 2014
  • he'd hide a rental car and driven to the homes of a number of children in Sweden
  • and Norway after seizing his GPS police found the addresses and names of a
  • number of children but luckily the man had never succeeded in abducting them
  • but after police searched his home it became clear that the man had plans for
  • them in the basement police found a room decorated specifically for a child with
  • SuperMario bedsheets and a collection of toys despite the man having no children
  • himself the room was also furnished with a television and a fridge giving a
  • disturbing insight into how long the man planned to keep the child inside locking
  • from the outside its walls were also covered in carpet making the room almost
  • soundproof it doesn't bear thinking about what the room was going to be used
  • for but luckily police caught the man just in time and the judge claimed that
  • no criminal offense had taken place within it number 9 feline shrine the
  • darkest Police stories can be difficult to come by with law enforcement
  • typically wanting to keep them as gruesome details out of the public eye
  • and protect those involved but a reddit thread posted in 2017 asked police
  • officers for their most unsettling discoveries and has allowed cops to
  • anonymously share some chilling although slightly unverifiable tales one such
  • story was added by user dangerous stolen not a police officer but a concerned
  • neighbor who called the cops for a noise complaint at 3:00 a.m. the author
  • details how when officers arrived their neighbors threw a rocket boom and they
  • ran to the garden shed to hide when police followed him they discovered what
  • one described as the creepiest stuff he's ever seen you see the neighborhood
  • had recently experienced a spate of missing cats a mystery that came
  • property to an end when police found the felines arranged in a spiral pattern on
  • the wall in front of the depraved mural was a bowl where the disturbed
  • individual had collected the cats eyes the chilling story ends with the author
  • expressing his belief that the man had chosen to use cats instead of children
  • number 8 mystery box' another post from reddit tells the story of an australian
  • police-constable writing under the moniker cat attack jack who despite the
  • name wasn't involved in the last entry the constable recall the time working in
  • an inner-city suburb around 40% of which was reserved for government commissioned
  • housing this resulted in a high concentration of ex-cons and people on
  • release from mental health assessment centers the author encountered one of
  • the latter RT began destroying things around the apartment block where he
  • lived police followed him back to his home where they found him banging his
  • head against the walls until he could be subdued the building smelled of rotting
  • food and a search found scrawled notes of exploitive x' and a wooden box filled
  • with about 100 small bags in the bags was a brown granular organic material
  • which officers assumed for narcotics but when another officer entered the scene
  • having interviewed the suspect he revealed that the banks actually
  • contained his own skin the disturbed individual suffered from a condition
  • known as golden stat which results in saw flaky skin he had not only been
  • collecting these scams but had actually been consuming his own infected skin
  • number seven on the fence in the early hours of a Sunday morning in 2016
  • south african police were called to investigate a robbery in south Dale
  • Johannesburg the robber appeared to have fled the scene with a television set and
  • two jackets which seemed likely never to be seen again but police did a cursory
  • search of the area just to be safe and two doors down
  • they found the alleged perpetrator in the dark police called for the man to
  • stop and put his hands up as he scaled a palisade fence the man didn't comply and
  • instead stayed perfectly still when the police went to investigate further they
  • quickly discovered why in the process of climbing the fence the man appeared to
  • have slipped and become impaled on one of the fence spikes luckily for the
  • alleged robber he seemingly died instantly when this happened and did not
  • have to enjoy any prolonged suffering connected him officers found the stolen
  • television and the jackets police open an inquest of a certain if others were
  • involved but the man remains the only suspect and has more than served his
  • sentence already number six stalker in 2017 a dating website introduced
  • jacqueline aids to a man who wish to remain anonymous they only went on one
  • date but the story that follows makes it clear why the man chose to keep his
  • identity a secret after the date AIDS became obsessed texting the man around
  • five hundred times every day he tried to cut off all
  • contact and called the police after aides showed up at his home following
  • this altercation her text took a threatening turn turning the man she
  • wanted to bathe in his blood then one day in 2018 the man was out of the
  • country but called the police to his house after seeing her on his security
  • cameras when police arrived they found that age was playing a disturbing game
  • of house they found her landing in the man's bath waiting for his return but in
  • the front of her car they found a large butcher's knife suggesting that ADEs had
  • darker intentions luckily the man hadn't been at home and AIDS was subsequently
  • arrested before she could do him any real harm
  • number 5 k9 coffin in 2017 a Detroit mortician passed away and all of his
  • possessions remained unclaimed in his home until 2019 when it was due to be
  • renovated during said renovation the morticians belongings were emptied onto
  • the street and amongst a mess with several burial caskets now that's not
  • the most bizarre thing for a mortician to own except the fact one had a name on
  • it the coffin bore the name of one Dorothy Fagan a local who had died 19
  • years earlier pages of the coffin were posted to social media where they drew
  • the attention of bacons family they insisted that they'd bury Dorothy and
  • Gethsemane Cemetery and demanded some answers but when police opened up the
  • casket they did not find Dorothy inside at all instead the coffin was filled
  • with the remains of what appeared to be an animal the contents was sent to Wayne
  • County Medical Examiner's Office where they identified them as dog remains
  • according to the family a second coffin had been bought when the first was too
  • small for Dorothy so hopefully this was simply the spare but these answers
  • including how it came to be filled with a canine corpse followed the mortician
  • to his own grave number 4 masks in 2015 a woman who now goes by Isabel Erikson
  • met dr. Martin tronador for a date in her Stockholm apartment 20 Bohr arrived
  • with strawberries which he insisted on feeding to his Abell it was later
  • revealed that these strawberries had been laced with a sleeping agent and
  • Isabel awoke 350 miles away shackled in a bedroom twin abort told Isabelle that
  • he wanted to her to sleep with him in return for a reduced sentence in a
  • soundproof bunker he'd prepared especially for her in a twisted attempt
  • to make her more comfortable they're trying to board drove to Isabelle
  • Department to collect her things but when he saw police outside he panicked
  • and took Isabel to a police station claiming that she was his
  • and that her disappearance was a misunderstanding when police interviewed
  • her separately Isabelle outed trainer Bor who was arrested police investigated
  • his residence and were disturbed to find a collection of syringes birth control
  • and two lifelike rubber masks these haunting disguises have been used by 24
  • to kidnap the unconscious Isabelle in a wheelchair they showed the unsettling
  • lengths he'd gone to plan the abduction but shockingly trenni book only received
  • a 10-year sentence number three crockpot in 2015 british police found a cannabis
  • factory in a battled in industrial units this resulted in a number of follow-up
  • investigations in the area one of these led to a house in a suburb of West Cliff
  • on see but the raid uncovered something much more peculiar next to the owners
  • bed police found a four-foot spectacled Kingman the dangerous crocodile was
  • being kept in a small pen in what Essex police described as poor conditions
  • they also found 16 live snakes some of which were highly dangerous as well as
  • toads and spiders seven more snakes were then found dead and the RSPCA were
  • called to the scene the specialist handlers then removed the remaining
  • animals police said they were working with the charities to figure out how
  • these wild animals came to be kept in such conditions they then took a 36 year
  • old man into custody he was arrested on suspicion of keeping a dangerous animal
  • without a license animal cruelty offenses as well as suspicion of
  • cannabis production to top it all off number two remains in 2018 a man who had
  • leveled a lawsuit against Detroit Perry funeral home told his attorney to
  • contact police to investigate their handling of infant remains the attorney
  • did so and when police arrived they were shocked to find the bodies of 63 fetuses
  • and infants still on the property having been improperly disposed off now
  • according to authorities some of the bodies were being kept in a deep freezer
  • while some were simply being kept at unrefrigerated boxes the date of death
  • of some of these children dated back as far as 2015 and were described by the
  • funeral home as unclaimed infant remains in 41 years of service Detroit Police
  • Chief James Craig said he had never seen anything like the scene inside the home
  • but insisted his team would get to the bottom of it however Perry Funeral Home
  • claimed that they'd followed the state protocol for disposing of infant remains
  • having never been informed that the parents wanted the remains donated to
  • medical schools report suggests no attempts were made to contact them beau
  • and as of recording state regulators are still trying to permanently close the
  • facility number one voices in the wall in 2007 a
  • heated custody battle saw the father of six year old Ricky - kept de Winne
  • temporary custody his mother though did not take this decision lightly shortly
  • after the ruling Shannon Wilfong and Ricky both disappeared and extensively
  • searches found no trace of the two that was until two years later when police
  • carried out a raid on the house of Shannon's mother about 120 miles away
  • from where Ricky disappeared acting on a tip police moved a panel in
  • one of the walls and found the two hiding in a small makeshift compartment
  • more copy holes like this were found throughout the house and it's believed
  • Ricky was rarely allowed to leave these compartments even for medical care
  • reportedly Ricky ran around upon release as if he'd never been outside before
  • because his mother had been too scared of losing custody to let him out
  • ultimately this resulted in her losing custody for good after pleading guilty
  • to five misdemeanors Wilfong was given just two years probation and $1,500 in
  • fines on the bright side though Ricky was
  • returned to his father in a healthy condition given his ordeal so that was
  • ten disturbing police discoveries which one freaked you about the most um do you
  • know of any others let us know in the comments down below
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The police are our front line of protection and are often the first people on the scene of any situation. In these cases, they might wish they weren't the first on the scene... These are 10 Disturbing Police Discoveries.

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