10 Crazy Rules Disney Makes Marvel Studios Follow

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07:48   |   Jul 13, 2018


10 Crazy Rules Disney Makes Marvel Studios Follow
10 Crazy Rules Disney Makes Marvel Studios Follow thumb 10 Crazy Rules Disney Makes Marvel Studios Follow thumb 10 Crazy Rules Disney Makes Marvel Studios Follow thumb

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It's no secret that Disney own Marvel Studios - so whenever you watch a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, you're essentially watching a Disney movie.

With that in mind, Marvel Studios are forced to operate under Disney rules - and you might not believe some of them!

In this video, we'll take you through a handful of them.

The rules in question that Disney makes Marvel Studios follow are; that actors are often given fake scripts to read (that they must read in one sitting, sans their cell phones, in a windowless room), that actors must always maintain the Disney image (and that background checks are conducted to ensure they fit the bill in that regard), that MCU movie release dates absolutely must not clash with any other Disney offerings (Pixar, Star Wars etc), that no smoking can be shown on screen in any MCU movie, that actors must stick to a very strict diet and exercise routine, that every MCU movie must have Disney references in it, that there should be no beheadings depicted in MCU movies, that MCU actors can't appear in DC movies, that actors are called into a secret fan where they are told details of the movie and are expected to shoot the scenes they're told about seconds later, and that actors must be willing to drop everything to be at the studio's beck and call at a moment's notice!

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1. Fake scripts and windowless rooms
2. Maintain the Disney image
3. Release dates
4. No smoking
5. Strict diet and exercise
6. Disney Easter eggs and references
7. No beheadings
8. No DC movies
9. The secret van and immediate shoots
10. Actors on call

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