$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring

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$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring
$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring thumb $1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring thumb $1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring thumb


  • (bright music)
  • - [Steven] Hey, Kristin.
  • - Hi, how's it going?
  • - It's going well. - Oh my gosh, you're here.
  • - How are you doing?
  • - I'm doing great now.
  • - That's so nice of you.
  • (Kristin laughs)
  • We are gonna be doing the season finale
  • of Worth It: Lifestyle today,
  • and I thought you'd be the perfect cohost.
  • - Why is that?
  • - Well, we're doing engagement rings,
  • and obviously, you have a lot of experience
  • in the marriage world.
  • - I do.
  • I have been proposed to and I am married,
  • so I have one experience.
  • - And I have not much experience in that world.
  • - You seem very nervous.
  • - Which is why I'm gonna try to do this the right way.
  • Kristin Chirico, (Kristin laughs)
  • will you please come on this video with me?
  • - Oh my goodness,
  • I thought you'd never ask.
  • Yes! - Yay, woo!
  • (two talking over each other)
  • - What if I'd said no?
  • You'd have to reschedule a lot of stuff.
  • - Yeah.
  • - You ready to go, yeah?
  • - All right, here we go. - Let's go.
  • - Today on Worth It: Lifestyle,
  • we're gonna be checking out three different engagement rings
  • at three drastically different price points
  • to find out which one is the most worth it at its price.
  • - Woo.
  • It's, I don't, keep doing that.
  • I don't know what that means. - Worth it.
  • - Worth it!
  • - Worth it.
  • We're gonna learn about engagement rings today.
  • Neither of us are really shopping for this,
  • 'cause you got one.
  • - I have one already.
  • - I don't got one, but I don't need one.
  • - I feel like you're gonna feel
  • a little bit more comfortable,
  • 'cause right now,
  • you're kind of like (makes wordless sound),
  • and I want you to get down
  • to like a solid (makes wordless sound).
  • - I see, okay, okay, yeah.
  • (mellow jazz music)
  • - My name's Cindy.
  • I'm the designer and owner of Ochre Objects,
  • and we're taking a look at my Diamond Ovate III ring.
  • The collection is based around this one shape
  • that I'm really interested in.
  • It's called ovate, which is a reference to like an egg
  • or a leaf shape,
  • and so I just play around with that shape
  • with different scales.
  • The materials that I source are gonna be different
  • from what you would find in a typical jewelry store
  • because all of my diamonds are reclaimed and recycled,
  • which means that they either come out of jewelry
  • that already exists,
  • or they're cut from the waste product of diamond minings.
  • I work with a casting shop that uses recycled metals,
  • so they get their gold from a refiner
  • that takes gold from the existing supply chain,
  • melts it down, alloys it.
  • There's no new mining of fresh gold in the process.
  • And then all of the colored stones that I use,
  • I try to work with suppliers
  • that use really short supply chains,
  • and that know exactly where the stones are coming from
  • just so that I can incorporate as much transparency
  • into my work as possible.
  • I think it's more about connecting with the person
  • who makes it, telling a story with it,
  • knowing its history,
  • and have it mean something rather than just a dollar amount.
  • - [Steven] How much does this Diamond Ovate III ring cost?
  • - [Cindy] The Diamond Ovate III ring costs 1,065.
  • - [Kristin] 1,065, like,
  • that's a really reasonable ring cost.
  • If it means something from that person
  • to another person.
  • - [Steven] Yes, it's like gift-giving.
  • - [Kristin] It literally is gift-giving.
  • - Oh. (laughs) (Kristin laughs)
  • - Are you ready to try on some rings?
  • - Oh, you're getting ready.
  • - The rings are coming off.
  • Oh, it's so pretty.
  • So, it has, like, this really interesting detail work
  • around the diamond.
  • Put it on. - So, if I put it on
  • my ring finger,
  • does that mean I'm engaged?
  • - Yes, to yourself.
  • - [Steven] Okay.
  • - [Kristin] Isn't it nice?
  • - [Steven] It is.
  • - It's subtle, but like, you an tell that
  • a lot of thought and work
  • and beauty and artistry went into it.
  • - There's like these very subtle engravings in the ring
  • that are pointing toward the diamond.
  • - They're pointing towards the diamond.
  • It's so you know which part of the ring is the shiny part.
  • - It's not what I expect to see on somebody
  • who is engaged or married,
  • but I like that.
  • - What's nice about this ring
  • is that it's not gonna get in your way.
  • It's gonna be beautiful,
  • it's gonna hang out,
  • it's gonna make your finger look sparkly,
  • but you're not gonna keep hitting it on the car door
  • every time you get out.
  • This is beautiful.
  • I'd like to see some of the other rings
  • to see what they look like stackable.
  • All right, so we have a bunch of colored stones here.
  • - Yes, so this is my birthstone for November.
  • - [Kristin] It's pretty.
  • - [Steven] Why don't you put these on?
  • - See, I mean, it just feels like fun dress-up to me,
  • so there's the diamond,
  • and then there's yours,
  • and then pearl's going there.
  • - Oh, that looks really nice.
  • - Yeah. (laughs)
  • My finger kinda turning purple,
  • and I was like maybe this is a bad idea.
  • - I have an idea.
  • - What's your idea?
  • - I wanna put all these birthstones in here,
  • shake it up, choose one,
  • and then that month will have to be the person
  • that I end up marrying.
  • - Oh God. (laughing)
  • - Ochre Objects.
  • - I think that Cindy really cares about the craftsmanship
  • and the materials and where her rings come from,
  • and honestly, where they're going,
  • and I think that like that is a gift in and of itself.
  • - And it's affordable.
  • - It is affordable.
  • - I really love that place.
  • I feel like it's gonna be really hard for somebody
  • to beat that for me.
  • - Really? - It's a good deal.
  • (Kristin laughs)
  • - Pro tip, do not tell someone when you're getting engaged
  • to them that you got a good deal.
  • Just leave that part out of it.
  • - Engagement fact.
  • - Wah!
  • - All right, don't cheat.
  • - I can, I'm not--
  • - The average American spends $6,324 on an engagement ring.
  • Which state spends the most of all the states?
  • - California.
  • Did I get it right? - Yeah!
  • Were you contributing to that price?
  • - Uh, honestly, my engagement ring cost less than that.
  • - Wow.
  • The average in California is $9,809.
  • - I brought the average down.
  • - All right, well, this location that we're headed to,
  • they are called Trumpet & Horn.
  • - What?
  • Trumpet & Horn is actually
  • where my engagement ring came from.
  • - What?
  • - (laughs) Yes.
  • - Okay, we did not plan this.
  • (funky jazz music)
  • - Hi, I'm Tommy Heidenreich.
  • - And I'm Jerry Heidenreich.
  • - And we are at Trumpet & Horn today,
  • and we are going to be showing you some fabulous
  • vintage engagement rings.
  • - So, I heard you use the word vintage.
  • I also heard the word antique be used.
  • - Antique is a product over 100 years old.
  • Vintage can literally be last Thursday.
  • We sell the things that are generally 50 to 150 years old,
  • but more than just vintage,
  • we like the eco-friendly vintage.
  • - If you buy something vintage or antique,
  • there's no new mining involved and new production involved,
  • so there's no new greenhouse gases going
  • into the atmosphere.
  • - Completely coincidentally,
  • this is actually the place where my now-husband
  • got my engagement ring.
  • One thing about the diamonds here
  • is that a lot of them, because they're older,
  • they're not necessarily cut to the way
  • that we think of diamonds today.
  • - Right.
  • Not that diamonds that are cut today
  • are better or worse,
  • they're just different.
  • The cutting or proportions are literally perfect.
  • Most of our diamonds were cut by hand
  • without electricity, without computers.
  • A lot of the facets, which are the cuts,
  • are not quite centered,
  • but they were cut bigger
  • because they were made to reflect candlelight.
  • Today, my wife Kim is gonna be helping you guys out
  • looking at some rings.
  • - This ring, it's called Edencliff.
  • - [Kristin] Ooh.
  • - So, it dates back to about 1890 or so.
  • It's 18-karat yellow gold,
  • which is very, very common at that time.
  • This has a quintessential split shank here
  • where it supports the head of the ring,
  • and then the top is a cluster kind of original halo look.
  • But this was likely an earring once upon a time.
  • It's very flat on the bottom.
  • There's no curvature for your finger,
  • but the entire head is all original,
  • old mine cuts,
  • It's a really special ring.
  • - Honestly, I wouldn't even be able to tell this ring
  • was 100 years old.
  • Like, I feel like this is a ring you could buy today.
  • - 129 years old.
  • - 129 years old. - I did the math.
  • - 129 years old.
  • - These are all diamonds outside, right?
  • - [Kristin] Yeah.
  • - [Steven] Okay, it's like one diamond with all her buddies.
  • - Try this on.
  • Ooh, wow, it's like the size of my knuckle.
  • I mean, it's very big.
  • It's like you can tell me, I'm engaged to the sea,
  • and I'd be like, yeah,
  • the ocean definitely bought you that ring.
  • - Yes, yes.
  • - [Kim] Just hold it there.
  • Now bring this to you.
  • - [Steven] Whoa.
  • There it is.
  • - I was gonna give you this in case you couldn't get it.
  • - Wait. - Yeah.
  • - I love that I was just like mine.
  • (all laugh)
  • - Oh.
  • - I have one more ring I want to show you.
  • This is also from the Victorian era,
  • but it has a saphire center stone.
  • Platinum top, and it's 18-karat rose gold.
  • - One advantage here is that
  • there are lots of different ways
  • to accommodate both your personal taste
  • as well as your budget.
  • It gives you, like, a really easy way to tell a story, too.
  • It's very light effort for the amount
  • of romantic punch you get.
  • - Wow.
  • Bang for your buck, okay.
  • Got it.
  • - I feel like we really got into it at Trumpet & Horn.
  • - Yeah, yeah, you know what?
  • I will say I was a little nervous when I was there.
  • - We all could tell.
  • - No, I mean, maybe it won't show through the video.
  • Probably will, yeah.
  • - You know what it is?
  • I think with engagement rings, it's just like,
  • an abundance of options.
  • Kind of like when you're at a restaurant
  • with too many options.
  • - And you can't, you can't go back to the restaurant again.
  • - Yes.
  • - There's only one chance.
  • - One shot.
  • - To do the restaurant correctly.
  • - And each item costs like $6,000.
  • - Engagement ring fact!
  • Octavio Guillan and Adriana Martínez
  • hold the record for the longest engagement in the world.
  • - Oh.
  • - They were waiting to be married for 67 years,
  • and they finally did it in 1969 in Mexico City.
  • They were 82 years old.
  • Wow, her parents must have been on her.
  • (laughs)
  • I would say by decade three,
  • you'd be like, mmm.
  • - All rightie, so our final destination.
  • - Our final destination.
  • - This is where the prices go up
  • and we find out what is luxury like.
  • (gentle guitar music)
  • - Hi, I'm Sam Sarkisian.
  • - I'm Jennifer Sarkisian.
  • - [Sam] And today we're at Adiamor.
  • - [Kristin] So, y'all make custom rings
  • that you mostly sell on your website, correct?
  • - A majority of our business is online.
  • When a customer places an order,
  • we actually build a ring from scratch.
  • We put the ring in a computer-aided design model,
  • input the diamond's measurements,
  • the customer's finger size,
  • and what you get is basically
  • a wax model of the end product.
  • That model is then put into a flask.
  • Bake it overnight.
  • In the morning, we actually pour the gold into the flask.
  • The quenching process basically removes all the investment
  • and what you have left is the gold treat.
  • We do the pre-polish, the diamond setting,
  • final quality control,
  • then we ship it out to our customers,
  • and give them a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • All of our diamonds are GIA certified.
  • - GIA is the most reputable rating laboratory in the world.
  • A difference in color can be $2,000 or $25,000.
  • - It'll show you the certificate number.
  • That number is actually etched onto the diamond itself.
  • It's the diamond's fingerprint.
  • - [Steven] The ring that Will hinted at.
  • What ring is that?
  • - It is a rose gold three-carat DSI I diamond.
  • It's beautiful.
  • This one's between 55 and 60,000.
  • - Okay, so, here we are.
  • - It's time. - Adiamor.
  • A day in love.
  • - Here we have it.
  • - [Steven] Okay.
  • - Oh, honey, it's perfect. - Wow.
  • - I love it, thank you so much.
  • - That's not how this show works, by the way.
  • (Kristin laughs)
  • Oh, wow.
  • I just took a look at it from the side profile.
  • - She's a big, beautiful hunk of love.
  • It's also, what's nice about it,
  • is that it's not like too over-the-top.
  • But like, holy bananas.
  • - Wow.
  • Okay, the thing that was really,
  • I don't want to use this word lightly, but stunning?
  • When you pulled it out,
  • was the diamonds that go all around it.
  • - [Kristin] It's the backup dancers.
  • Like, the little diamonds, the backup dancers.
  • The big diamond is the Beyoncé.
  • - Got ya.
  • Okay, I wanted to examine the side diamonds first.
  • Yep, those are diamonds.
  • (Kristin laughs)
  • And oh.
  • - [Kristin] Yeah, that's the big diamond.
  • - And this is, wow.
  • So, this is, we've learned, is eye clean,
  • which means if I look at it here
  • and I'm just giving the eye test,
  • I don't see... - Yeah, there's nothing.
  • - I can't see anything wrong with it.
  • - It's spotless to the naked eye.
  • - Now, wait, let me check it with the magnification.
  • I can see some very subtle inclusions.
  • Here's the thing, though--
  • - No one's looking at your ring that close.
  • - If somebody is popping this out next to your hand,
  • you just whack 'em.
  • (all laugh)
  • Okay, so, I'm gonna ask you now, Kristin,
  • and you only have one choice.
  • Which engagement ring was the most worth it to you
  • at its given price?
  • - I think that both Ochre Objects
  • and Adiamor were awesome,
  • and I think that, like, all of them are worth it.
  • All of you ladies are beautiful.
  • But one of you is the most beautiful in my heart.
  • I said I wasn't gonna do this,
  • but I think Trumpet & Horn was the most worth it.
  • - [Steven] Wow.
  • - You know, I got my ring from there,
  • so it seems like the obvious choice for me,
  • but having a ring that doesn't have
  • a single sibling in the world is worth it to me.
  • What did you think was mots worth it?
  • - With Adiamor, it was a lot of money.
  • It was a lot of fun,
  • but my worth it winner goes to Ochre Objects.
  • - [Kristin] Oh.
  • - I really, really appreciated seeing that side
  • of an engagement ring.
  • I had always had this thought in my head.
  • - You gotta spend this much money.
  • It's gotta be this shiny.
  • That doesn't really matter as much as the love
  • that you share with the other person.
  • That has been it for a Worth It: Lifestyle Season Four.
  • Thank you to all the people involved in making the show.
  • In front of and behind the camera,
  • all the people who let us film there,
  • and we will see you next time on Worth It: Food!
  • Season Six, baby.
  • - Wow. - That's right.
  • - Oh my God, an announcement,
  • and I was here for it.
  • - You were here.
  • Exclusive!
  • (funky jazz music)

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